Friday, March 13, 2009

Carlos Santana Shoes

I'm wondering how did Carlos Santana came up with the whole thing?
I also featured the first one in Fabfind and got a comment from a very mysterious member.
c",) and that really made me wonder if that person is somehow connected to CS... because after that comment, he never came back to sugarland. (huh?)
weird, isn't it?

but, hey! has a wide selection of nice pairs, too. pay a visit and you might even pay less for a pair of shoe that you've been wanting to have... like me!

these are just some of what i have from payless. i often get positive comments from my friends and other peeps that i don't know for these shoesies... and most of the time they would be surprised to hear that i just got them from payless.

see? there might be no louboutin's or weitzman's or blahnik's in my rack... but at least i have soo many to choose from. and be as stylish as i want... peace! =)

let's walk

drooling over these fabulous pairs... all of them are from Christian Louboutin Collection of Bergdorf Goodman Shoe Salon. oh yeah... just one... just one and i'm willing to trade my D for a pair. naaah! just kidding! ^_^


my photo was chosen as the "Look of the day"! thanks to Fabsugar! it really made my day... ^_^ by the way, the 1st photo is the actual photo taken at the Fort Santiago Historical Park last March 8, 2009. (weeeee!!! ^_^)

mix and match

it's fun! but is it always necessary to follow the strict rules of fashion?

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