Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Coin Operated Woman

i am a coin operated woman.
i am money motivated.
but what is wrong with that?
moolah is always needed to get the things that
i want,
i lust,
i covet.

i am a coin operated woman.
even my hubby knows that.
he knows that i can't give with nothing in return.
he knows that whenever he'd ask for something,
there's a price he has to pay.

i am a coin operated woman.
why should i feel bad?
i work hard everyday
i pay my dues
i save for the next storm
and i save some for my own storm...
coin operated...
sounds funny and even disgusting
but what is to worry?
when every woman i know are coin operated too...

i deserve pretty things
call them rewards
or whims..

but i deserve what i deserve
and i gotta have what i need to have
because i work hard
and i am a coin operated woman....

a poem intended for myself and all the women i know. cheers!