Sunday, April 4, 2010

gaaah! where have i been?

yes, yes, yes! i know i've been MIA! and i really feel bad about it... :( actually, i and my friend were soo busy for an upcoming event this weekend. we had to double up our production so we can send them out to that event. one of my OL friends asked me to consign items for her shop. oh my! :) we're both excited and anxious.  ^_^

so much for that rant! i'm here (really) to tell you who have won my GA! yaaay! :)

the following bloggers have joined and with no questions asked, shared our video/s on their blogs. it's just fair for them to get what each of them deserve.

i decided to give out a surprise 'prize' because i also liked the entry that she made...
the special prize goes to:
the second, to:
and of course, (she got the best answer and post) the first will go to:

to the above mentioned bloggers, thank you soo much not only for joining my GA but most especially for sharing the video/s. somehow, your own followers and readers have learned about these boys. :) and of course, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D

i have sent out notifications to your blogs and i'll have to wait for your email, so i can send out the prizes. thank you, once again! ^_^