Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what to write?

i've been staring blankly on my screen for 30 minutes now coz i've been thinking of what to write next. i'm done posting my whines on my other blog (Bodega). and now, i am again staring blankly on my screen. darn!

what else should i write about? i've visited different blogs and most of them are writing about what they love doing. fashion, photography, children, marriage, careers, DIY, crafts... and then the question is on me... what are the things that i really love doing? hmmm... *right hand raised* --- "does whining counts? oh, i love whining!" naaah! well, i'd have to pause for a while and think of an answer. i think if i'd make a list, it'll help me sort some things out.

hmmmm... ugh! okay!

my list of things-that-i-love-to-do

*beaded jewelry. *i can't do this now. i would need to replenish my stocks of beads and other materials. and i don't have the moolah just yet... not a good idea.a photo of my handmade accessories that i wore when me and a friend joined a hairstyling competition. i was his model.

*sketching. *i can't find my sketch pad! f*ck!an example of my work. i did this 4 yrs. ago.

*photo editing. *i just finished a project yesterday.my youngest kid's photo.

*crochet. *oh yeah! i'd love to learn the basics. i'm hoping to make an amigurumi doll of my own. then again, the moolah!

*lookbook. *i have to think of what to wear and be ready for a shoot and post it on my LB. psshh! i ran out of nice clothes to wear... bad omen.
actual photo of "my jungle". it needs cleaning.

*recycling. *not when the kids are around. you know what i mean... yeah, i'd love to teach them but i hate cleaning up the mess.

*shop. *are you nuts?! ~hey, shopping... i miss you so much... huhuhuhuhu...

okay... maybe i'll just clean up my jungle. and wait until the moolah rain... i'll see you around...