Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

here are some pix taken during out Trick or Treatin' Fun!!! Sorry for the delay, folks! ^_^

ok, before the Halloween began (Oct 30), my daughter and my niece participated in their little UN Day celeb at school. oh, i just love those kids' costumes!!!

the next day (Oct 31), a typhoon visited ph AGAIN! see the damage?
(photo of the rice field near our house)
(trees were uprooted)
Let the fun begin!!!
(collage of pix during the candy rush)

(some participants)

(my daughter trying to get near the fallen banana trees)


(big kids trying to wrestle their way through the gates. lol!)

(this girl won the best costume award)

had i been so prepared, my son could've won too!
(this always gives me the creeps!)

AND look at my vamp in Facebook,
(her name is AUDRINA)

my Mandy's set of costume is complete! whoohoo! just in time!

ever wonder what i wore for this event? here... (oh please, control your fart! lmao! ^_^)

now, that's really creepy! lol!