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Saturday, March 20, 2010


i'm okay and i'm not feeling bad anymore... thanks to some good friends of mine for comforting me. :) and thanks to my son who have just received 6 awards last Thursday! ^_^ i don't have much photos to share because i wasn't able to bring my cam with me and besides, the school officials won't allow it. they have their own official photographers and that'll make my cam useless and my purse heavy, which i hate if it'll happen... it was a very looong event and while i was there, i grumbled quietly about my aching feet. and that night, i wasn't able to sleep well due to pain. that's ouch multiplied by 10!!!

~cell phone shot~
2 bronze, 3 silver and one gold. after a whole school year of hard work, those medals were his reward. (those aren't academic awards, btw) he earned them either from sports competition or from speech chorale or dance competition. how ironic! he is a cultural scholar in their school because of his participation in their singing group. but this year, he refused to join any competition related to singing except for that WCOPA one. he said he can't sing like he used to, he can't hit the notes like he used to and he's not as confident like he used to. hmmm... that's him. 0_0 i don't know anymore what kind of motivation he needs but i'm hoping that my encouragements are well enough to keep him going. BUT it isn't bad, after all. 6 medals from different fields. 6 hard earned medals. they made him want to work harder next year to get some more!

~the culprit~

i was so proud of his achievements. i was thrilled that i had to go up the stage with him despite the aching feet and a bad pair of shoes. i'm proud that i am his mother. someday, he will remember (and most probably laugh) how i struggled to find something decent to wear for that night.
he sang too, with the rest of the Quartet, and approached me and handed something. it's a certificate of appreciation for the parents of the awardees present that night. it made my eyes teary but i held them back. i can't cry. na-ah! it'll ruin my makeup! lol!

"in everything, always give thanks."

and i do... :) ~HUGZ!~

Monday, March 15, 2010

but wait! there's more!

you might want to read this post. it is clear that i've been battling with the "niche" thing since i've started getting followers and traffic.

but i thought... why should i bother? they followed me without asking me that big Q. and the list is still growing! OMG! 0_0

once again,

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

specially to the people who have become my friend in this very tiny space.



after a hundred post, i am still being asked the same old question that many bloggers have failed to answer...

what is your niche in blogging?

honestly, I STILL DON'T KNOW!

i'd like to say that my blog tackles motherhood or my artistic/crafty side or, or my life as a stay at home wife... gaaah! everything that i am is in this blog! no, wait! ALMOST! (my closest blogging friends know that!) isn't it obvious that my blog is all about my randomness?

yes, i am a mother. but should i just stop there?
yes, i love crafts. but should i just stop there?
yes, i love fashion. but should i just stop there?

i am many things, my dear friends! how about you? isn't it boring if you'll just post about the latest trend or your self worshiping or technical stuff? wouldn't it be much nicer to write about the things you love and the awesome things you see everyday even if it's just about a goat giving birth and how his kid looks like? see? i'm so full of randomness. so what?!

just like parenting. we want perfection, right? BUT there's really no such thing as perfect parenting. whatever you do, no matter how hard you work, there'll come a time that they won't listen to you.

life isn't perfect. and so is blogging!

i own this blog. i will write about the things i want to write. if you don't like me -- fine! go away! if you do, you can stay. just don't touch things, ok? you might break them. it's my life that you're reading. so if you find it not interesting, just click that "x" button.

just please spare me from your ill judgment... you are not perfect either!

***this is just my opinion. if in case you feel bad about this post, i'm sorry. i'm just having a bad day like most normal people do.***

Sunday, March 14, 2010

waiting for the Eclipse

ok! i admit that i'm not a fan of the Twilight Saga! God knows how i used to hate the fuss during the release of the first movie. it was crazy! and everyone i know on the net keep talking about it! how crazy is that? 0_0 the first movie was kinda boring and don't say that i didn't understand! i knew that there'll be New Moon coming up! and of course the rest of them will come to theaters too! it's just soo tiring everytime you see others rave for it! yeah, it's their right but please, oh please! spare me from the exaggeration! 0_0

but... but... but when mom gave me this last December:

i was dumbfounded! and at last, i got excited!!! (but i'd still refuse to rave so much about it! sorry... ^_^) i finished all the books in 2 weeks! (that long?) yeah, it took me that long because i have other things to do, you know! after reading them, i knew that Eclipse is more exciting than the first 2 books. i just can't wait to see how's it gonna be like especially the effects!

oh, well... we'll see on 06/30/10. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twilight Saga EclipseTrailer! :)

omg! omg! omg! can't help it! let me share this too! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i'm trying...

i'm concentrating...

aaaaargh! 0_0

pardon me, my friends... i'm just trying to squeeze out some new ideas for new designs of our next batch of accessories. ugh! it hurts my brain big time!

a little pressured for the upcoming event (that'll be on April) and the FQ's activity plus the papers and all... you see? i'm blogging it! so it means that i'm strained, to the bones! :D

i need a new inspiration for the next wave of our products. i'm a little interested in steampunk but i think it requires soo much metal and is splendorous, if i may say so... but it won't hurt to experiment, right? maybe i'll make a combination of Steampunk, Renaissance, Gothic, Boudoir, etc... gaaah! that means i'll be needing new stuffs and materials and mooh-lah-la!

i'm hurting my brain too much... :( better get some rest. maybe, it'll get me back to my senses. i'll see you around!
btw, the giveaway is still on. don't forget to join! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

100th? (Blog Giveaway :))

oh my! am i counting it right? this is my 100th post! yay to that! and my blogaversary is near! 0_0

err... what should i do now? :)

a. go back to bed and get some more sleep?
b. treat an orphan to lunch?
c. visit a salon and get a nice soothing massage?
d. write and write and write more til i reach another hundredth?
e. any creative suggestion?

aaaaw! how time flies... i was MIA for weeks, i guess... that's due to our busy sched with sponsor hunting for the Quartet's WCOPA Hollywood trip. one of my friends suggested that i should use the power of the internet and blogging to help ourselves get what we need. which i really don't think would work since most of my readers are from other countries. but she said, it wouldn't hurt if i'd try. maybe, somewhere or somehow, a fellow Filipino blogger or reader will help us get the help we need. please help us by spreading the word through your blogs, Facebook Walls, or whatever form and rest assured that everything will be appreciated. i'm kinda losing hope... until now everything is ZERO! ugh! but i'll keep holding on for my ADJ1, it's his dream and i'm trying to help him make it true (oh, what mothers would do!)... as they say, believe and all things are possible... ;)

well, here's an old video of the Franciscan Quartet singing "When you believe" by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. (i love listening to this! it keeps me up somehow :))

if you want to see more, please follow this link:

SO... if you are reading this, answer the question above (be creative!) by leaving a comment below, share the video up there (or you can choose from their vids, just visit the links posted) and get the chance to WIN these:
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What's in the bag?

1. a reusable paperbag made of recycled materials
2. a bag holder (not from Papemelroti)
3. a pack of scrapbook materials
4. a pocket daily planner (very handy!)
5. a small scrapbook (cute!)
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7. bookmark
8. stickers

you like it? 0_0 you know what to do!

AND these too:

ok, these are 2 "wow!" items from our shop! the first one is a cuff with a ring and the other one is a choker. the choker is my personal favorite! :) both of them are made by US! (i mean me and my freakish friend, remember her? ^_^)

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see? easy-peasy! :)

and oh, BTW! THIS IS NOT A PAPEMELROTI SPONSORED CONTEST. all of these stuffs are purchased by ME and sponsored by our shop. my blog is a year older and i'm soo happy about it! it's just my way of saying thanks to everyone who came and gone here and to the frequent visitors who shared a comment or two. everyone and every word means a lot to me! i'm looking forward to more years of blogging experience and gaining friends around the globe! :)

i'll see you around, pals!

oh by the way, if you want to win more stuffs, join my sister's giveaway! yay! visit Every Thought Counts. you'll like it too! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010