Monday, February 13, 2012


All of you might have been wondering what has happened here and why there were no activities for a veeeery long time. I mentioned before that I have transferred to my new blog. I invited everyone over and I was sad, really sad, because a little of my followers have responded. But then again, I can't blame you guys... It was boring back then. So I decided to gradually change it. It also has a domain and it's been like that since. :)

Guess, I have to share to you all a little something about what I do in my new blog. It is, by the way, almost the same as this one but only better. You know how people progress through time, right? Thank you very much!~ xD
DIY projects ^_^

Planner revamp. CLICK THE PIC, PLEASE!~

Recycling paper bags!~ CLICK THE PIC!~

So, yeah.. Those were just some of the small things that I do back there. I have a tab that says DIY where you can find my tutorial stuffs. Please do swing by some time! :)

Thanks a lot!~

P.S. I missed all of you!!! ♥