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Thursday, August 6, 2009


i posted this one on my MAF blog weeks ago... i so wanted to sopy it and post it here too but my laziness has overtaken me again... so i took a screen shot of my entry... you can view the original entry here.

after the rush...

ok so, i got so tied up with crocheting, chores and the kids... and i guess it's about time to slow down a bit... i'll have some banana and hazelnut spread before i'd post more... ^___^ yummy!

for C...

I made this for my sister...

Happy Birthday, C!!! ^___^

I danced with the wools and I got hooked!

it seems like ages since the last time i posted something on here... I have been very busy crocheting and of course with tons of chores around the house.

few weeks ago, i discovered this wonderful site. Ravelry.com euwmeygewd! i never thought that there would be a networking site for crocheters and knitters... wonderful! they have tons of free patterns too! gaaaah! i've downloaded almost half of the free patterns that they have.. and print them and hopefully, make them... good luck to me!

ok... here's a neck warmer i made for my mom. the original pattern doesn't have buttons on it. i improvised that part for i thought that it is as dull as it is exciting. the instant that my mom saw it (i showed it to her during our video chat) she liked it! and she even asked me to make her a shawl to pair with it... abusive! LOL! just kidding! of course, never say no to mom... ^___^

i'm planning to make her a pair of wrist warmers too... but i hope that the same yarn is available in the store nearby.

because of limited availability of yarns here in my place, i am always in doubt whether i'd continue or not making these projects. i wonder where can i buy yarns like the ones that i see on Joann's website...

(Source of Photo)

well, mom said she'll try to get me some so i can make more fun projects. and i soo can't wait!!!