Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what the...?????

classes are suspended in our area due to the aftermath of the storm.

and to me, this means more time to:
* sleep
* knit
* read
* procrastinate a little bit
* crochet (a little maybe)
* make my lesson plans for the coming weeks
* think of the what's best for the upcoming Halloween celeb for the kids
* blog  
i'm excited! i'm happy! i'm celebrating! aaaaaahck! 

(deep down inside me is like this photo...) 
so i guess, i'll be seeing you often this week til the week ends... muah! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

when it rains...

it pours!

yes, the storm has left. and it has left so many devastated homes and hearts of the families who lost everything that they have. i so wanted to post this but you might say that i am being so insensitive. posting the things that you have while so many people are suffering. BUT 2 days before the storm hit PH, mom's second package arrived. it was full of yarns and other nice things for the kids and me and C... wow! again... thank heavens for my oh-so-generous mom!

so... what was inside the box? here... have a look! ^_^

the bamboo knitting needles are  from the last set of knitting needles are all vintage. ^_^ those eyelash yarns are a great addition to my yarn collection. those can't be found in the stores nearby. i'm not sure though... if they are, well, they cost more than you can imagine! now, can you blame me if i have asked for yarns this time instead of shoes?

btw, the small balls of yarn are from Paraguay. yay to that!!!

sigh... i just wish i can find time to use up all these wonderful yarns for my project. until now, i haven't been able to finish what i have started with my looms. the knitting starter kit is still untouched. aaaaw... it breaks my heart...

Monday, September 28, 2009

after the storm...

the storm that hit PH has damaged so many lives and homes... i, together with my family, greatly sympathize to the victims of the storm "Ondoy"... we are currently looking for old clothes in our closet to give away to those who might need them. i can't afford to donate anything big. i have no savings. but i hope these old clothes could help... :(

btw, i'd like to thank my online friends who PM'ed me asking how i was... mostly, Americans... thanks so much for your concern! ^_^


i hope you could find time to visit this site: 24/7 Forever.
i don't need to explain further more... click on it and you will understand. thanks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

soo late...

(Victorian inspired head band)

(Gothic inspired fascinator)

i made these accessories months ago but never been able to post it here. i wanted so much to wear them but i am reluctant... i can't pull it off, i guess. *sigh!*

these are gothic inspired fascinator and head band. uhm... at that time i wanted to have something Lolita inspired but when i finished the whole thing, it turned out to be gothic. ugh! but most of my friends said it's nice... one of them is really willing to pay for it. aaaw.. but i said not this one. part of it was glued and some parts are hand sewn. i don't think it will last long. (at least i'm honest... *wink!*)

i will post photos of these while it is worn but not today... i am so tired from work and i wanted to dive in to my bed and doze... freakin' day for me... i hope tomorrow's gonna be different. i'll catch up with you later... *wink!*

Thursday, September 17, 2009


the first printed newsletter that i received from MANGO. this one popped out of my mailbox last week (sept. 10)...

oh really?!

(this is my second newsletter)

though i am not an avid fan of MNG clothes or line of products, i subscribed to their news letter through the net. i don't know... maybe i just got so intrigued with what's what in their world. and why do they have such expensive collection. you see, until now people on ebay are crazy searching for pre-loved pieces that's up for auction. i even went to 2 or 3 stores that they have around here and i walked out of the shop speechless while i wonder why their pieces are soooooo pricey! (well, it is obvious why they have expensive collections)

they have a new line called "think up". i guess this is all about a little un-pricey items that they have. i received a newsletter days ago that tells about this and oh-lala! wonderful idea! maybe on my next visit, i wouldn't go out of their store empty handed. (you wish, gurl!)

aaaaaaw... i always drool over those nice, shiny clothes that i know i can't pull off even in my imagination. maybe i could if i can...

i sound so shallow... i know. but can you blame me? well, i guess this is easier rather than lusting for a more expensive ones. ^__^

Saturday, September 12, 2009

as i promised...

as promised, i am back for something useful (duh?)... i just finished editing my pics so that i can share some good news to all of you...

september has been so kind to me... since the first day, it brought nothing but goodness. yeah, i know that i whined just 3 days ago but after getting enough sleep and some contemplating, i realized that there are things that i have to be grateful of. my job needs a little getting used to. and i'm halfway there. (really?)

my mom sent a package full of lovely things for us, almost two weeks ago. i didn't blog about this because i wanted to take some pics before i could post. but i got so busy with my new job last week that's why i didn't find time to share it here.

she promised to send me a set of knitting looms and some knitting needles for my hobby and pairs of oh-oh shoes. shoes are God's gift to women! and i have been so in love with shoes ever since i can remember... me and my D have been in trying times but i have at least 3 pairs of good shoes back then. those were trying times, i tell you. pardon me, people! i'm a woman! (evil!)

thanks to my mom! she's so kind and generous and thoughtful and all! she gave me all these stuff to satisfy my voracious appetite for shoes and crafts!

i don't know how to knit but when i told her that i soo want to learn, she said: "i'll send you a starter kit. i saw one at Michael's" (see? she loves me! haha!)

(this is my old makeup case that i turned into knitting essentials keeper. also from mom...)

what's inside?

the not-so-excited attempt

some shoes she got from Payless
(i always feel ashamed whenever i take photos of my toes... they look like ginger!)

this pair's a little old fashioned. but i so like the heels...

oh my! my sister have one like this. i turned green with envy when i saw it! so my generous mom bought not just one pair/color, but two! wonderful!

lastly, my new blue shoes! i luuuurve it! rrrawr!!!


mom. until now she never failed to make us the happiest and proudest daughters. she's a gift to me and my sister and our kids. i know you might say that i am too old to be spoiled by her. but what can i do? i didn't asked for these things. she gave these to me with all her love. even if it would drain her pocket. thanks mom! now i am smiling like the lady in the label of Provocraft knitting loom pack!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


what now?

i promise that i will be posting this weekend. oh my! i feel so bad! i have a new follower and yet i don't have new posts?! aaaaw... anyway, thanks soo much to them. they really keep me going. ^_^ you make my day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

missing my blog..

if only i have a laptop and an internet connection that i can carry like the ones they advertise on tv, i would be blogging from work. !!! i missed everything like i feel when i'm not with D and the kids. two days at work and yet it felt like i'm gone for ages. AAAAAARGH!!!!!

sometimes life sucks.

(original photo)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i haven't been able to post anything lately... i have been very busy with my new job. yes. i got a new job. ^_^ it's kinda funny because the job requires a LOT of patience. i teach computer subject to 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders. OMG?! yes! OMG!!! i have kids of my own and all of them are very independent. we don't usually sit together to work on their assignments or home works. i do help them a little on their school projects but not on a regular basis. and because of this new job, i am now suffering from guilt.

i feel bad as if i am torn into pieces because when you try to look at it, i am teaching other kids... not my own children. was it because i am getting paid? was it because i am a bad mother? was it because i am lazy? i don't know. as of the moment, i am not really sure of the answers.

right now i feel like i just need to go with the flow and find the answers later...

maybe i am not a typical mom. my ways are different. one thing is certain... i love my children and that i am trying to be a good mother to them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


a birthday gift for G... my best friend.
some random messages for you... because i am too lazy to write down everything.

*as you age, you should grow.
*live and learn.
*live one day at a time.
*love is like a coffee. doesn't taste good if you put too much.
*don't take things seriously.
*think positive.
*do not assume. as if you know how i feel.
*we love you. don't say that we don't.
*stop complaining about people and things.
*minimize cancer sticks intake.

there's more but as i've said, i'm lazy... i'll SMS you tomorrow night. ^_^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i really want to win this!

it's very seldom that i join online contest and stuff... but because i really, really heart this book, i decided to join. you might be interested too, so i pasted the link below the pic. see for yourself!

(photo came from here)

i'll keep my fingers crossed!!! *wink!*
(i'll see you later... dishwashing time! )