walk with me

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i have heard of Blythe Dolls before... but i don't pay much attention. all i know is, it's just a doll, like that of Barbie or Momoko. early this eve, i googled it. and i find out that that was it! the big-eyed dolls mostly are dressed like lolita or the ones that we see in anime's... CUTE! oh, my! on ebay, the lowest you can get is at around $30-$40. wow! even my daughter said that when she saw me looking at one of their photos on the web. i know that expression. she wants one... but, my dear... it is overly expensive for a doll! i can't post a photo of it. i'll just provide a link so that you can see it for yourself. Click here!

aaaaw... i really want one... too bad i can't afford it. and D might say that i'm too old for a doll. you can't blame me. once you find out, you'll come back and tell me that i have the right to feel this way.