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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


when i got home yesterday from the shoot, i was surprised with a parcel from USPS. i was really excited to see what's inside and as soon as i opened it, i was like, "wow-wow-wow!"... it's a tote from myasianfashion administrator. and it's a gift for the chosen moderators of the site. i was lucky to be chosen and i am glad to be a part of a growing network of girls sharing the same interest -- fashion. i may be the oldest, most active person in that site but i don't mind. sometimes, i feel intimidated but i was able to get through it. i love young people! it feels refreshing! to my sissies in that site, thanks for welcoming me... and to the admin, thanks for choosing me as one of the mods! i swear, i am always watching...

Monday, April 27, 2009

shooting incident

Monday. my gay friend invited me to do a photo shoot with him... i'm gonna do the fix for this girl and he's gonna do mine... we ran out of time, so we just went on with my model and take photos of my job. it was tiring because i am not that good in color mixing and matching. the first fix, he asked me to do a day time makeup. i was like "duh?" coz i really don't know which colors i should use. he just said, whatever you think is the best for a day makeup. man! i don't even know what's not best! but since he gave me too much trust, i had to finish the effin' makeup and i settled for the neutrals. it is the safest color to use, i guess. while i was doing it, his assistant had to finish the hair. i'm glad that i won't be doing the hair. i'm not that good at it... when we're done, we started the shoot right away so i can still create a night time look... ehmeyged! this is not happening! i'm starting to panic!

anyway, this was the end result... i am glad that he liked it... he said i should start collecting photos for my portfolio. hmmm... not a bad idea...

when it's our turn to change the colors, i used different shades of green. though it turned out like black, i am still satisfied with the result. my sister said she liked it... i don't know if others would too... here's the pic... it is somewhat smokey. and i had to use falsies to make it look more dramatic.

some of the images were kinda blurry. i am not good in taking photos like this. i had to zoom it in and crop the part that i like. sorry about this... maybe next time i'd take classes on photography. i find it exciting too! good luck to me...


my birthday celeb was not that big... yeah, i know you know... did i mention that it's D's birthday too? yes, we do have the same birth date! ^_^ the night before our day, he took me out and we spent the night out and away from the kids for a while. 'twas fun! though we have to hurry back to the house because the kids would pretty much stay up late waiting for us to get back... darn! anyway, i had a great time though it's kinda quick and short... i still count it as our special alone time.

sunday. we're invited by my cousin to lunch. their whole neighborhood is celebrating the Feast Day of... ugh! i forgot! i'm sorry... anyway, let's go on... my cousin prepared something for that day, so we can go there and lunch together. we waited for the Procession of the images of Mother Mary and other saints (?)... unfortunately, my cam ran out of bat... i wasn't able to take photos of the event. UUURGH!!! now, i have nothing to show you!

the kids started to feel bored and they are all whining and asking us to take them home... so, there's no wisest choice but to go home. as soon as my butt landed my chair, i boot up my pc and then go on checking my mail and everything.

and to my surprise, i found out that one of my look was included in the LOTW! wow! that's amazing! again?! this is getting unbelievable! but whatever reason FS has, i don't care... it made my day again and i'm happy about it. and it's scary sometimes. the witches that bugged my friends were not around... inactive? well, we have to see... again, thanks to FS... i would consider this as a birthday gift... and to the "ladies" -- i love you! all the blog post in our group touched my heart... i don't know how to say it, well maybe because i'm not good at it, but i am soo thankful that all of you came into my life. one day, you'll come across this post and you will know how much i gained from you... you are soo wonderful!

(birthday greetings from my friends)

(print screen images of LOTW)

(original photo)

brighten up my day

it was the 24th and it's my birthday. i don't know if it's just the weather or me, but i don't really feel special that day. we'll be having a party that night and i really need to get my ass up the couch to go to the grocery store to pick up some things that i will be needing for the small party. i've invited several close knits but most of them sent a message saying sorry because they can't make it and just wished me a happy birthday. disappointed, but still have to carry on...

my sister was chatting with our online friends the whole day. so it means that she's up to date with what's what and who's who... she broke in and break the news that my "leukemia look" was chosen as the LOTD! no reaction at first... it's not happening, i said. how could it be? i checked... OMG! it's true! it is effin' true! hahaha!

you see? maybe FS really wants the "throw-in-whatever" look... i'm wondering... what was her basis?


it somehow brightened up my day... hey! it's my birthday! and thanks to FS and my dearest online friends... (i call them "the ladies" ^_^)

(here are the print screen images)

(the original photo)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blame the weather...

it's been awhile... i know, i know... but i still feel lazy... i wanted soo much to write about something but i don't understand why i'm not doing it... it's supposed to be summer... why is it raining? literally raining... i'm whining again... and i'm typing so many dots again... ......... UGH! i'll see you around... gotta figure out what i want...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what to write?

i've been staring blankly on my screen for 30 minutes now coz i've been thinking of what to write next. i'm done posting my whines on my other blog (Bodega). and now, i am again staring blankly on my screen. darn!

what else should i write about? i've visited different blogs and most of them are writing about what they love doing. fashion, photography, children, marriage, careers, DIY, crafts... and then the question is on me... what are the things that i really love doing? hmmm... *right hand raised* --- "does whining counts? oh, i love whining!" naaah! well, i'd have to pause for a while and think of an answer. i think if i'd make a list, it'll help me sort some things out.

hmmmm... ugh! okay!

my list of things-that-i-love-to-do

*beaded jewelry. *i can't do this now. i would need to replenish my stocks of beads and other materials. and i don't have the moolah just yet... not a good idea.a photo of my handmade accessories that i wore when me and a friend joined a hairstyling competition. i was his model.

*sketching. *i can't find my sketch pad! f*ck!an example of my work. i did this 4 yrs. ago.

*photo editing. *i just finished a project yesterday.my youngest kid's photo.

*crochet. *oh yeah! i'd love to learn the basics. i'm hoping to make an amigurumi doll of my own. then again, the moolah!

*lookbook. *i have to think of what to wear and be ready for a shoot and post it on my LB. psshh! i ran out of nice clothes to wear... bad omen.
actual photo of "my jungle". it needs cleaning.

*recycling. *not when the kids are around. you know what i mean... yeah, i'd love to teach them but i hate cleaning up the mess.

*shop. *are you nuts?! ~hey, shopping... i miss you so much... huhuhuhuhu...

okay... maybe i'll just clean up my jungle. and wait until the moolah rain... i'll see you around...

Monday, April 13, 2009

not too old for papemelroti

i was 15 when my addiction began.

addiction to PAPEMELROTI Products. their store that i first visited was in Robinson's Galleria. i remember how i have to save my lunch money just so i can buy some pieces of these brown colored notepads and notebooks. sometimes, i'll just drop by their outlet and feast my eyes with everything fancy and go home empty handed 'coz my allowance can only afford a bus ticket for a ride home. what a pity... ^_^

now, i realized that in the list of the things i've never outgrown, it belongs to the number one spot. i still find myself fascinated with the same brown colored paper products and all the other nice things that are available in their stores. i usually shop in their outlet in SM Southmall and Robinson's Ermita.

honestly, i don't even know what to do with these stuffs. they are locked in my closet coz i'd feel really bad if my kids find them and just play with it and all just go to waste. D would often ask me, how does it makes me happy. i don't know... really, i don't know.

one day, i'll go there and spend huge sum'o money buying all the notepads and scrapbooking stuffs that they have. hahaha! i sound like a maniac! well, that's just me...

i wish i can get the chance to meet the PaPeMelRoTi siblings... OMG!

okay, i know i'm blabbering... and i know you're not getting it but i don't care! anyway, here's a photo of what i am trying to tell you.

these are just some of my collections.

i maybe 30 and i maybe old... but my heart believes in one thing: no one is too old for anything. these things made me happy before and are still making me happy now. i intend to grow old with it and make it a tradition in my family. i am a certified papemelroti product junkie!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Steve and The Backyardigans

this is one of my daughter's favorite tv show. but sometimes i wish they'd air this on an earlier slot. she's up until 4 a.m. here. that's just because she never want to miss the following shows: Blue's Clues, Dora, The Backyardigans, High Five and the others that i can't remember... the show usually starts at 12 midnight here. it worries me lot... the next best thing to do is to get a DVD of these shows. crap! that'll be expensive...

sometimes, i watch 'em too... i also like the theme song in this show. i even search for its lyrics. and i'm lucky to get a copy... yey!

The Backyardigans Theme Song

Hi, I'm Pablo.
My name's Tyrone.
I'm Uniqua.
I'm Tasha.
And my name is Austin.
And we're ...

Your backyard friends, the Backyardigans!
Together in the backyard again,
In the place where we belong,
Where we'll prob'ly sing a song,
And we'll maybe dance along.

We've got the whole wide world in our yard to explore.
We always find things we've never seen before.
That's why every day we're back for more
With your friends, the Backyardigans.


today, i am taking things slow and easy... perhaps, take a break from the pretensions. ugh! i feel sooo not into it! really. i mean there are times that i feel interested and that the feeling is so intense. the urge to type it down is way too uncontrollable. that i couldn't get the sleep i want unless i type them down. but today, just for today at least... i want some rest.

then i visited "my babies". though tired, i have a duty to fulfill. it always feel that way. it always makes me feel that i'm in charge of things. and sometimes those things are really out of my circles.

questions that really needs truthful answers. could be nonsense but still, i believe they ought to know. and if i don't tell them, who else would? as if other people have time to care...

i remember what mom told me... "you have a gift. the gift of listening. and not so many people are good at it." geez... thanks mom! what a relief! but hey! sometimes i don't like it... and sometimes i need to be heard too... would you care?

oh crap! perhaps, i'll just go back to taking things slow and easy... just today... just for one day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Graduation and Recognition... Wear it right, please?

Mid-March and early April are the most anticipated time in the school calendar. This is the time when each student would finally say "Hooray!" for their accomplishments. A time for those who worked hard all year round and finally reaping the fruit of their labor. It is also a time for parents to be proud and feel happy because they too, feel that they have accomplished something.

I'm very proud to say that two of my kids, though not in the graduating class, were also called for their school's Recognition Day. My eldest received two gold medals, one silver and one bronze, all for the singing contests that he have won. My second child received her Fourth Honor medal. So, even though I hate attending these kind of ceremonies, I am forced to get up and get dressed for the occasion. Reason why I hate it? I hate the part when I have to stand up in front of my closet and think of what to wear for the day (this actually happens everyday). It takes me two to three days for planning what I should wear and everything that has to go with what I'm going to wear. See? It's as hateful and exciting.

I am excited not only for the reason that my kids are going to receive awards. I like the part when I can take photos of people who has a unique fashion statement. And this is gonna be EXCITING!

One thing that I noticed, most moms who attended the ceremony are wearing --- TA-DAH! SLIPPERS! All kinds, colors, shapes and sizes! I am not kidding. I am serious. And I am annoyed. Yeah. I've been trying to keep it to myself for years. Every year, I am privileged to go up that stage because every year my kids are called to receive some academic awards.

Why am I annoyed?
Look at it this way. The teachers worked hard to prepare for the occasion. The students worked hard the whole year for them to at least get something on that day. You, as a parent worked hard for the tuition bills and all. So what could be your reason not to get dressed accordingly for the occasion? Money? Well, it doesn't have to be expensive or overly fabulous. Would it hurt to wear heeled shoes? Well, then wear flats. OMG! I just don't get the point!

Let me make it clear. I know I'm not good in explaining. Let me just share some photos so that you can understand what I'm trying to point out.

To protect the identity of each person in the photos, i decided to crop the facial area or at least cover them. I do not intend to humiliate them. I used these photos just to make an example of what not to wear. I also would like to stress out that I myself is not as perfect as it may seem. I just believe in one thing: I wear the right thing for each occasion. Not overly done but never under dressed.

Please... Try to avoid wearing denim pants on occasions like this. Same with the slippers.

Do not wear something that would make you look like you just got home from your night out and forgot to change your clothes.

Spaghetti tops are not right, same with the backless tops. Save them for summer getaways. It also look like you are just going to pick up your kid at school. Don't you feel embarrassed with these kinds of outfit? People see you everyday in these clothes. Wear something special. It's a special occasion, anyway.

Your kids deserves some attention too. Don't let them wear something that's so unacceptable. Backless bubble top and denim mini skirt with flat slippers? Are you kidding me?! Ugh! You're not just going to the mall or the wet market, baby...

This is my daughter. She's wearing a simple dress i bought from "Nanno"... It's a little pricey but I think it's worth it. It is simple yet elegant and just right for the occasion.

I also fixed her hair. This took us almost an hour to finish. It's kinda hard for her but I wanted her to look different, so she had to bear with me.

After looking at the photos, how do you feel? Did i make sense? I hope so.