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Monday, December 21, 2009

busy......................... TUT! TUT! TUT!

to my lovely readers,

i am so sorry for not posting anything nutritious these past few days. i've been very busy -- sleeping. making up for the nights that i stayed up soo late working on my lesson plans or some materials needed for my teaching job. but, now that i am unemployed, i wanted to catch up with the things that i used to love doing. and of course i had to catch up with my kids too. but worry not my dear friends. i will post something as soon as i can. i am currently working on some accessories (and other crafts). my friend and i are planning to put up an online shop, so we can sell these things and make money (of course!)...

for now, i'd like to say:

may all of you have a blessed holiday season!

BRB! muah!