walk with me

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


when i got home yesterday from the shoot, i was surprised with a parcel from USPS. i was really excited to see what's inside and as soon as i opened it, i was like, "wow-wow-wow!"... it's a tote from myasianfashion administrator. and it's a gift for the chosen moderators of the site. i was lucky to be chosen and i am glad to be a part of a growing network of girls sharing the same interest -- fashion. i may be the oldest, most active person in that site but i don't mind. sometimes, i feel intimidated but i was able to get through it. i love young people! it feels refreshing! to my sissies in that site, thanks for welcoming me... and to the admin, thanks for choosing me as one of the mods! i swear, i am always watching...