Monday, November 30, 2009

what's eating you?

the long weekend is over and it means that my temporary vacaaay is over... tomorrow, i will be back to my zombie life as a teacher! but hey! i got some progress! i'm beginning to learn how to enjoy it! see? i just need a little getting used to... hurhurhur!

last Friday was really oh-so-busy day for me and hubby... though i've mentioned in my previous post that i don't have plans for the "A" day. hubby decided to celebrate it with some few close knits. we had a little lunch with my co-workers which includes my MIL. an after dinner drink with my friends and cousins -- this was fun! and a getaway plan (just like newly weds) after the party. ^_^ we spent the night in a hotel nearby. but we were both too tired and instead of "celebrating", we just fell asleep and had to get back in the morning. i know that's not quite fair but what can i do? the pillows were calling me! hubby got a little disappointed but he understood for he too was as tired. there is always a next time. ^_^ (so lame-me!)

anyway, back to our lives again. and i'm counting the days till Christmas... excited? not really. until now, i don't have good plans yet. i'm good at it, did you just notice? always have no plans. i'm focused on much bigger things. is that bad? maybe yes and maybe not.

for now, i have to get ready for the zombie zone tomorrow.

sherryl crow said in a song "everyday is a winding road..." *wink!* and mine has hurricanes.