Friday, November 20, 2009

greeting cards exchange

i am very excited about our postcards exchange in our MAF community! last week, i got my first one from USA and my next one will be from Sweden. wow! my so-called online friends are real! haha!i never thought that i'd be able to make friends for real with people whom i just met in an online community. it's very exciting for me! in return, i'm giving away cute holiday season cards and some bookmarks which i have been collecting since i don't know when... all my bookmarks are from Papemelroti. and you can view their cute bookmarks here. sorry guys! i can't post pics right now. my cam's batteries need replacements. aaaw! and i just don't have the moolah yet! geez! anyway, if anyone out there who's interested to trade postcards/greeting cards with me, send me your details here: and leave a comment in this post. i promise to reply as soon as i can. i will be sending all of them before the month ends.

this will be a fun experience for us! ^_^ it's fun to be real friends!