Sunday, August 30, 2009

to post or not to post?

blogging is not as easy as i thought it was. especially when you get a lot of visitors or if you're lucky, followers. it is as if you have to meet people's expectations, make your post interesting and catchy and give out honest opinions.

when i started this whole thing, i only thought about one single topic that could make a woman's heart melt... fashion and shopping. but after nosing around other peeps' blogs....... aaaaaaaaaw! i knew i'll never make it like they do! i mean, i've seen extravagance and glamour in their posts. they've showcased their fancy and expensive possessions making you feel **sluuurrrrp!** (drool)...

and me? what can i offer? cheap finds? thrift shopping tips? NOTHING! eeeer.... am i being so loud? LOL...

i know it's not a bad idea to post or blog about "ways-to-save-money-shopping-tips" but come on! get real. most of us yearn for nice things. the reason why we don't spend too much is (maybe) we don't have soo much to spend. and that is exactly my reason why i don't spend too much for a pair of shoes that has red soles or a bag that has a signature or a dress that can be custom made for me or even perfume that can be named after me. MOOHLA is always my problem. HA-HA! (it's as if i'm the only one...) and even if i do have enough, i can't ever spend that much of dough on something. why? I'M A MOTHER! i'm made to save and appreciate small things. and it's just fine with me. really! i shop only when i have extra and most of the time, i shop for things that my children needs. almost nothing for me or for D. their needs are our priority. and i don't mind if i can't have what i want. i can stay yearning like hell forever. so what?

so i decided not to blog about the things i don't have or never had or will never have. it's going to be useless if i don't own at least one designer piece that i can blog about. i would look ridiculous and trying hard to fit in if i'll do that and that is the most dreadful thing to me. (how can i give good reviews about a product if i don't really own one?) so i hope we're on the same page when it comes to that...

maybe someday, i'd be able to get myself these things... for now, i'm happy with what i do and what i have and whatever things that could be non-sense or unsuitable for somebody else's taste. i guess, the whole point in blogging is writing down what you feel like writing. no bragging. blogging is therapeutic. if only i was able to blog 10 years ago, Lord knows i would. it could've save me from PPD and panic and anxiety attacks. but that's another story .