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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mango Craze

last Friday, i received a newsletter from Mango.com. it's about their new collection of accessories, latest trend, the sweet MNG line and what's going to be in store next week. so i clicked... and then browsed... and because sometimes i tend to be so impatient, i skipped most of their site ads or slideshows... click. click. click. *sigh!* i wonder why their site is slow... how can it attract buyers or followers when everything takes time to load? time is gold! so i just clicked on and browsed and waited and freeze until i got kinda fed up and landed on their mangoshop.com (finally! things are moving!!! ^_^) i checked out their women's collection and here's what caught my eyes...

(this one reminds of a Balmain Jacket. but it's actually a cardi... cute!)

(this dress is really cute! simply girly!)

(i soo like this pair! but i'm sure i can't pull it off!)
(all photos are from mangoshop.com)

gaaaah! this is soo not fair! they're selling it cheap online! but if you'll visit their stores here, it's either these are not available or they are costly. i feel soo left out... bleh!