Monday, November 30, 2009

what's eating you?

the long weekend is over and it means that my temporary vacaaay is over... tomorrow, i will be back to my zombie life as a teacher! but hey! i got some progress! i'm beginning to learn how to enjoy it! see? i just need a little getting used to... hurhurhur!

last Friday was really oh-so-busy day for me and hubby... though i've mentioned in my previous post that i don't have plans for the "A" day. hubby decided to celebrate it with some few close knits. we had a little lunch with my co-workers which includes my MIL. an after dinner drink with my friends and cousins -- this was fun! and a getaway plan (just like newly weds) after the party. ^_^ we spent the night in a hotel nearby. but we were both too tired and instead of "celebrating", we just fell asleep and had to get back in the morning. i know that's not quite fair but what can i do? the pillows were calling me! hubby got a little disappointed but he understood for he too was as tired. there is always a next time. ^_^ (so lame-me!)

anyway, back to our lives again. and i'm counting the days till Christmas... excited? not really. until now, i don't have good plans yet. i'm good at it, did you just notice? always have no plans. i'm focused on much bigger things. is that bad? maybe yes and maybe not.

for now, i have to get ready for the zombie zone tomorrow.

sherryl crow said in a song "everyday is a winding road..." *wink!* and mine has hurricanes.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

looking backwards and forward

today, nothing unusual or special happened... just like my day yesterday and what will be tomorrow. as long as i am here in this job, nothing special would appear from nowhere. only miracles can change things, i guess.

i can't help but take the ride again... it's weird. yes, it is! for there's not so much to look back for. maybe i refuse to look back... hmmm... i'm beginning to sound like i hated my past soo much. please don't get me wrong. i am okay. life is okay. perhaps, it's the weather that's bringing the mood. aaaw! and our upcoming wedding anniversary. no matter how lightly i take it, i feel swirling and twisting in my stomach. pain reminds me that i should come up with a plan or at least, list down the things that i should do on the "A" day. aaahck! how do i plan? how can i plan? i'm freakin' broke! haha! wish me luck!

i see hubby... his face is always shining. it's sweet... it keeps me going. everyday...

Friday, November 20, 2009

greeting cards exchange

i am very excited about our postcards exchange in our MAF community! last week, i got my first one from USA and my next one will be from Sweden. wow! my so-called online friends are real! haha!i never thought that i'd be able to make friends for real with people whom i just met in an online community. it's very exciting for me! in return, i'm giving away cute holiday season cards and some bookmarks which i have been collecting since i don't know when... all my bookmarks are from Papemelroti. and you can view their cute bookmarks here. sorry guys! i can't post pics right now. my cam's batteries need replacements. aaaw! and i just don't have the moolah yet! geez! anyway, if anyone out there who's interested to trade postcards/greeting cards with me, send me your details here: and leave a comment in this post. i promise to reply as soon as i can. i will be sending all of them before the month ends.

this will be a fun experience for us! ^_^ it's fun to be real friends!

Monday, November 16, 2009

wow! what happened?

oh yes! after a long hiatus... i'm back!!! long hiatus??? haha! my internet was busted! that's why i wasn't able to visit and reply to your comments... oh i'm really sorry... to those who have left comments and followed me through MBC, thanks a lot! i really appreciate it. i promise to post ASAP! i am still having a hard time dealing with my students and their over-supportive parents! things are really getting wild! anyway, i hope you can all still wait for my next post. and i'm really sorry for the delays of comment approval. i'll drop by again tonight and see what i can do.

million thanks to all of you, my dear 78 followers!!! ^_^ mmmuah!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

here are some pix taken during out Trick or Treatin' Fun!!! Sorry for the delay, folks! ^_^

ok, before the Halloween began (Oct 30), my daughter and my niece participated in their little UN Day celeb at school. oh, i just love those kids' costumes!!!

the next day (Oct 31), a typhoon visited ph AGAIN! see the damage?
(photo of the rice field near our house)
(trees were uprooted)
Let the fun begin!!!
(collage of pix during the candy rush)

(some participants)

(my daughter trying to get near the fallen banana trees)


(big kids trying to wrestle their way through the gates. lol!)

(this girl won the best costume award)

had i been so prepared, my son could've won too!
(this always gives me the creeps!)

AND look at my vamp in Facebook,
(her name is AUDRINA)

my Mandy's set of costume is complete! whoohoo! just in time!

ever wonder what i wore for this event? here... (oh please, control your fart! lmao! ^_^)

now, that's really creepy! lol!