Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i'm trying...

i'm concentrating...

aaaaargh! 0_0

pardon me, my friends... i'm just trying to squeeze out some new ideas for new designs of our next batch of accessories. ugh! it hurts my brain big time!

a little pressured for the upcoming event (that'll be on April) and the FQ's activity plus the papers and all... you see? i'm blogging it! so it means that i'm strained, to the bones! :D

i need a new inspiration for the next wave of our products. i'm a little interested in steampunk but i think it requires soo much metal and is splendorous, if i may say so... but it won't hurt to experiment, right? maybe i'll make a combination of Steampunk, Renaissance, Gothic, Boudoir, etc... gaaah! that means i'll be needing new stuffs and materials and mooh-lah-la!

i'm hurting my brain too much... :( better get some rest. maybe, it'll get me back to my senses. i'll see you around!
btw, the giveaway is still on. don't forget to join! :)