Wednesday, October 28, 2009

happy-sad-happy October

i have been waiting for this time for so long... i'm on vacay!!! yay! ^_^ since it's time for the Halloween Break (or more known here as Semestral Break), our school held a costume party for the kids before the school is off. it may seem a bit early but, we figured that there'd be no other chance than this day. (the classes will resume on the 4th of Nov - eeeeep!)

all the kids who attended the party had fun with their loots and donned around their cute and creative costumes.

of course, i brought my daughters along so they can also join in the fun. they wore costumes that i just dug up from my "jungle". AD (my youngest) wore her old little devil costume. geez! i forgot to take pics of her! anyway, ADJ2 (my eldest daughter) agreed to wear the wings and the old tutu so she can look like a fairy. a dark fairy! *wink!* OMG! it was only then that i realized how much she has grown! i might have been oblivious to the fact that she's growing up. and my heart aches at the thought... she's turning into a young lady. how fast! and sometimes, i find it hard to admit. but, what can i do? and because of this feeling, i sometimes hate the fact that i am a mom. aaaarrrgh!
(my ADJ2... she's turning 9 this year)

i too got so thrilled for this event... i brought packs of goodies that i can give away to the kids. i put on a mask that i designed myself and my lolita headpiece... (finally got the chance to wear it)
(yep! it is me!)

but after the party, DH and i would still have to travel to pay our last respects to our friend's mom who died 2 days ago... it was a sad news. i feel sorry for our friend... and i'm sorry to say this, but as soon as i heard from DH that we are going, i just got so excited! it means that i can go shopping at the bargain district of manila. wow! and it would also mean that i will sleep on the floors of their office. ssssh! DH is on a grave yard shift. ^_^

the next morning, i woke up early. i plan to take some photos but the scene isn't quite appealing. actually i did but i only took a few shots thinking that i should share them to you...


my feet were very tired but delighted at the same time. i was able to wander again and it really helped me feel better. i kinda forgot the pressures of my day job. i still hold on to what i've said before... i just need a little getting used to.

btw, Happy Halloween to all of you!!! ^_^ we'd still go trick or treatin' tomorrow night. so, i'll be back for more pics... keep safe, gurls!