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Thursday, January 28, 2010

i'm back and i'm tired... but happy!

after dealing with sleepless nights and stress due to mom's despedida party and the shop's soft opening, here i am... so weary and broke. did i mention that i am also trying to process all the documents we need for the WCOPA event? aaahck! i can't even lift my finger to type this post.

i'm taking a break today! as i've said i'm broke and i don't have anything left except for some loose coins in my pocket. really, everything drains you and your energy. whew! i'm glad that i still have some left for this post. and i am much happier because my sister gave me something to write about...
my sister, C (or more known as BUTTERyFLY) is passing an award to me (again!), which is:

hmmm... really, huh? thanks my dearest only sis!!! (^*^)

ok, here are the rules:

THE GOLDEN RULE for receiving this award.
pictures are optional but of course, it would be more exciting if you'll post one... then pass it on to your blogger friends! easy-peasy!

Fact # 1:
i suffered from Post-Partum Depression when i had my youngest child. that was a horrible experience... and embarrassing too. :( never went to therapy sessions and i became too dependent on Iterax 25. after some months, it vanished! (whew!) 0_0
Fact # 2:
i am in lurrrve with Lolita Fashion! rawrrr! so afraid to try it but i managed ONLY once...

see? ROTFL! but it was fun! :)
Fact # 3:
i don't do the laundry. DH is in charge of that... lucky me! :)
Fact # 4:
like my sissy, i got married at 18. and had my first born at 19... 0_0
Fact # 5:
i'm 2 years older than C... but she's 5 years wiser than i am, i guess. LOL!
Fact # 6:
my sister and i share "common things" including friends. xD
Fact # 7:
i never got the chance to meet my father. he died before i turned 1. mom said she went to see the grave but it wasn't finished at that time and if ever i want to see it now, she won't remember where it was. hufffffffffff!

so i guess that's it! and i'm passing this on to some friends of mine... :)
thanks again, C!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

too good to be true... but yes! it's true!

yesterday was really awesome! as in! until now i am in a state of shock! oh here i go again... i hate going into details but i have to make this quick and clear...

well, yesterday, we head off to an audition and i really don't know what was it about.. all i know is that they'll have sing and if they are lucky, they're in! but i realized that this one was different! it's for WCOPA! World Championships Of Performing Arts is the first and only international series of competitions to find and crown the best aspiring performing artists on Earth culminates its search annually with the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts in "Hollywood" - the entertainment capital of the world!

and that means, The Franciscan Quartet is going to represent our country to compete in Hollywood on July this year!!! isn't that HUGE?! ^_^ i couldn't believe it! i just don't know what to say! it's overwhelming!!! oh geez! i'm so sorry! let me breathe... ~wink!~

during the whole time that we've spent in that hotel, waiting for our turn, i did nothing but sit around, go to the smoking lounge and crochet some flowers for the bookmarks that i'm sharing to my friends... i didn't want to think too much about the results. it's like punishing myself inch by inch. i have to kill my time and relax.

(cam whoring at the smoker's lounge! ^_^)
(my feet needed some time off from that killer shoes. ugh!)

but there are just those moments that cannot be avoided. like when it was their turn to sing, we were also called inside the room to watch. my heart wanted soo much to pop out of my chest! really, dude! i stayed at the back to take some photos and tried hard not to distract the panel of judges, the crew and the camera man who documents everything that day.
(during their turn)

each auditionee must sing at least half of their piece and will be interviewed by the judges. one of them is the international director of the event. she'd wave her hand and then the music will be cut off and then gives her comments about the auditionee's performance. we've seen this lots of times in the American Idol or any talent-reality show, right? but wen it was the boys' turn to prove themselves, the judges listened carefully and didn't cut it off. the judges listened to the entire song! after the first piece (which was The Climb by Miley Cyrus) and some comments like "oh, i think you have a chance..." and "you're all good!", one of them asked, "do you have another song? because we wouldn't mine listening again..." and smiled. they sang again and this time it's "Listen" by Beyonce... the judges were all nodding and smiling. wutthe?...! was that it? i mean, is it equal to 'yes, you're in!'? my heart can't stop jumping and my tears were rolling! OMG! is this really happening?! i'm freaking out!!!

and yes, i have the reason to freak out because after so many turns, all of us were called again inside that small function room. it's time. we all stood (the boys shared seats) and waited for the big announcement and MAN! you can really feel the anxiety inside that room!

and to our surprise, the panel of judges looked our way and said, "before we make the announcement, may we call on the Franciscan Quartet to sing for us again." AAAAAAHCK!!! i tried hard not to panic but my palms were sweating and heart pumping hard again. (here's the illegal vid that i took when they sang for the third time)

obviously, they have won the slot. i saw how others have reacted to this -- some got disappointed, some unhappy and some shrugged their shoulders... aaaaw! i hate that part... but it's always like that. i mean, it's a competition. one wins and the others lose. it's normal. otherwise, there'd be no competition at all. we've been through those tough times too, but the boys gladly accepted it. only this time, it was them who won. i don't know what the judges saw in them, but it was clear that they were very impressed. i am happy, sooo happy!!! my son was one of them.
(with the other auditionees)

(the participants and the whole team)

(the winners...)

but not as happy. because that means i should get off my butt here and process our documents ASAP. it's alright. at least i'll get more stories to blog and share to you... :)

i pray that we'll be able to secure US Visa and raise funds for our plane tickets and other trip expenses and such. this part worries me... :(

anyway, this is getting long... i'll see you again soon and hope i'll have some more good news to post. wish us luck! ^_^

Friday, January 8, 2010

too many things...

since the last post that i wrote, i wasn't able to function so well with anything. a lot of distractions and thinking... haha! two opposing things, i guess... they're bothering me. and it is working! for a few days now, i can't believe that i'm dysfunctional like our toilet flush. can you believe that?! ugh!

blame it on Edward Cullen! he's calling me and ordering me to finish the story! i just couldn't resist that book. i almost want to blame mom why she had given me hardbound copies of the famous saga! and yes! there's my mom... she arrived before the year ended. said she's really missing the gremlins here... hmmm.. mom is so sweet!

and one of the distraction (and demands a lot of thinking) is the online shop plan. i and my friend have to leave tomorrow to get the materials we need. so we could start right away. aaaahck! i'm feeling dizzy! too many things to do!

aaah! i'm sorry... so lame of me to say these things to all of you... pardon me. i just want to breathe... thank you for your time. ~wink! wink!~

i'll see you later... muah!

Friday, January 1, 2010


i got a new award from my very kind sister -- C! yes it's true and i'm saying this again, we are siblings, as in!!! why don't you try clicking the capital "c" and pay her a visit! i don't know for what reason/s why she's giving these 5 supah-dupah-awesome awards...

maybe she wants something from me... hahaha! just kidding, sissy! if you loved my blog, there's no doubt that you'll love hers. she's very witty and a much better writer than me. she loves blogging and fashion and everything else in between as much as i do... so to you, my dear C...

Thank You Very Much!
Image hosted by ImageShack
GlitterKiss.com - Custom Glitter Graphics Generators and more..

and as a tradition, i have to pass it on to other bloggers who deserve these awards. the first one is the WRITING AWARD 2009.

and i'm dying to give this to: MR. G.A.G. i am not sure if he's going to like it but i can't think of a much better blogger who deserves to have this award. i have always enjoyed reading his posts and forgive me but each time i'm in my dashboard, he'll definitely be my first stop. i love his writings and i love him. although he would never share James Mcavoy to me... :(( anyway, MR. G.A.G., i hope you'll come down here and claim this award. ^_^

the next award goes to the following people:
Misty - The Queen Of My House
Michele - Finding Trinity
Annette - Fairy Blog Mother

check out their blogs to find out why they deserve it more than i...

this third award will land on the their blogs:
Veronica Lee - Of Mice and raMEN
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i follow their blogs and that explains why i want to give it to them.

the last 2 awards will be given to 2 of my dearest blogger friends:
Kyutie - A Cute Blog
TICKLEBEAR - My Everyday Life

i met Kyutie at MAF.. despite our age and status gap, we became friends and we're able to enjoy each other. thank you Kyutie for being nice (and generous) to me. ^_^
each time i visit MR. G.A.G.'s blog, i would see TICKLEBEAR's comments on each of his posts. i got curious and so i did visit his site once and got hooked since then. to you, my TICKLEBEAR, i soo love your blog (you know exactly which one ^_^) and i'd like to praise you for writing down you views bravely. this whole award idea may sound cheezy to you but i hope it'll make you smile. please come over and get this. thank you!

NOTE: please leave a comment after claiming your award and pass it on to other bloggers.

endless super thanks to all of you! ^_^


it's 2010... how time flies... oh yeah! welcoming the year is quite overwhelming. i can't tell exactly how it feels and what this means to me but there's one thing am sure of... i am positive in many ways that i'll survive this year just like the previous ones...

2009 has been kind to me. i am blessed with many good and bad things. yes, bad things are blessings, too. you learn from it and then you don't do it again. so, it still counts.

aside from the shower of shoes from my ever generous mom, i got many 'things' like new friends, new hobbies, new yarns and needles, new enemies and a whole lot more. for all of these, i am grateful to every person around me and to my Creator... truly, it has made my past year more meaningful and memorable.

one of the wonderful things that also happened to me is this blog. yes, yes and yes! through this small space in the internet world, my voice is heard. my thought counts. and those made me feel special. i used to say that i am not used to getting special attention. i am always the "unknown" in real life. but now, it's different. no words can truly express how i really feel.

once and for all, i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! (it's sounds cheezy but i don't care... ^_^) i can't promise many good or better things here in my blog except for a bunch of photos and tons of rants and oh! oh yeah! a little giveaway... that sounds good, right? i think it's about time that i should give back a little to my fellow bloggers and readers. i'll post about it so you better watch out.

welcome 2010! and i hope we'll make wonderful memories together! and to all, let's keep it rolling! ^_^