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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

manner matters

so many women i've met online. mostly are from fashion sites. but let me tell, only few of them have the most important characteristic every woman should possess. right manners. yes... they are all shiny, glamorous, fabulous and all. and i never thought that most of these glam, fab and all women are not ladies. and the most surprising part is, those handfuls are mostly from across the globe! i mean, i don't know about their culture, i don't even know who they are. but these ladies seem to have mastered the art of being lady-like. the sad thing about this, most of the, uhm, well... not soo lady-like are from here. ssshh! they might hear me...

well, i won't drop names here... even if you choke me to death, i won't dare give you a hint.

think girls! the world is not all about fashion. if you are too focused on that part, well, you are missing a lot. if you think that those pieces you own that you just got from the local mall is called fashion... think again. it's not even a big thing, my dear. you can't live with Mango all your life or be on top with Topshop. i'm sure Kenneth Cole won't even react if you are wearing one of it's fantabulously priced pieces. and Zara wouldn't know that you are loving her soo much. if that's all you have, then you are a pity. those are pretty great names and i have nothing against them. it's the bragging that you do on the web is what really sucks! (bragging is very unlady-like! leave it to the boys!) did you ever realize that not everyone is impressed? they still go for the style not for the brand. i have seen women, all shapes and sizes that has strong sense of style. but try reading through and you will see that not everything in the picture are made by top designers.

this is why i LURRRVE vintage lovers and humble ladies on the net! you are all showing the whole world that you can pull it off even if you're just wearing a pair of stilettos from payless. or a nice jersey top from papaya. or a cute flowery dress that you've thrifted. or that DIY design shirt that you have. i adore the ladies who owns too much and too many but still managed to keep their feet on the ground. to me, you're a true model that represents not just fashion but grace. i heart you all!

fashion is a disease. no one is too strong to resist it. but don't try too much because it'll make you look like you just want to fit in. internet can be a better place if posers aren't around. and you might want to take up MANNERS 101... it'll be helpful, girl friend.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sour cream

wrote this last november 22... crappy!

just when you think you did... oh, crap...
you realize, you don't...
and when you said it's over,
hell no! it ain't...

why is it hard to turn your back and just walk away?
why is it always you?

for a time, you were so proud to tell the world, "I'M FREE!"
and then you learn that your chains just got longer...
long enough to let you wander across the room
and make you feel as if you're free...
but still tied up and locked,
left alone in the middle of even God don't know where...

all are superficial...
all are just colored...
after the fuzz, you are never happy.

perhaps... your time hasn't come...

wait for eternity... maybe soon you'll be set free...

x's: f*ck you, crap! you should be dead by now!

am just a girl...

i'm just a girl.

with random thoughts...
& playful smile...

i love fashion.
i drop when i don't shop.
perhaps, needs treatment for being addicted to shoes.
now, i'm more addicted to bags...

pink. its as if it flows in my veins...
i breathe on scents not air...
i crave for clothes.
i pout when i can't get what i want...
and i always find a way to get myself what i want...

whims? could be.
brat? sometimes.
whore? part of me, maybe.

sleep when i can... eat when i want... love all the time...

i'm just a girl...

if men will always be boys, us too...
only on a more fashionable & refined way...

i'm so sorry...
i'm just a girl.

wink wink wink


i have been reading the sartorialist lately... and i really like how that blog goes. taking pictures of people he met on the street... and writing about them and their wardrobe. i would love to do that too but... my resources are limited. for fashion in this place consists merely of pants, shirts, shoes, bags, some skirt, whatever things and brand. (brands that are not so known to many) unlike in any other place, fashion is layering. fashion is mixing and matching. fashion is brand. although brand really matters here, few people can only afford that. so, instead of getting a designer piece that cost too much, people would settle for something less but is as stylish. there's really nothing wrong with that. i, myself can't afford one. it's being more realistic.

i guess, fashion is not about the price of what you have. it is more of a statement that you create when you wear what you have. it has always been a challenge for me to make my statement acceptable to many, for them to like it and make them jealous and green with envy. and also make them say WOW! how a little amount could work wonders...

it's not the label... nor the price... it's the guts, honey. and i've got plenty.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

my very own vintage

D and i went to this store where the stuff they mostly sell are furnitures of all kinds. the place was more like a junkyard to me. for most of the stuff they have are old and almost unusable pieces. he said he saw some fishing rods in there and he wanted to take a look and buy. so i went with him but i really don't have plans of buying anything there.

while he was checking the rods, i wandered around the place. i saw a rack full of old and dusty bags. i checked them phlegmatically because it is obvious that most of them have scuffs and rips. BUT HEY! i saw this little cutie within the pile of old and dirty bags which seems ensconced to be unnoticed. i grabbed it and asked the seller if it is for sale and he answered yes. YES! i scrutinized the interior and exterior parts of the bag. its only flaw is the tarnished metal (gold plated, maybe) hardware of the handle and the lock. WOW! i'm takin' it! i asked the seller again for its price. i must confess... i haggled. well, i know haggling is part of the trade but i seldom use my talent in haggling because i feel bad whenever i ask for a discount. it's simple, i don't buy if i can't afford it and i haggle if i really like it but i only have limited dough or whenever i buy in bulk. i feel that i am taking away so much from them. but anyway, the seller said yes and i quickly paid for it before he can change his mind. i paid for the item 30% off its original price. the bag's cost is not really pricey but as i said i haggle when i need to. still a great deal for it's original price. *wink*

it is croc-skin purse that looked like my sister's Givenchy bag, only mine is smaller and i don't recognize its brand. now, i call it my "little Givenchy"... it is obviously vintage. i don't care if it has been salvaged from somebody else's closet. all i know is, i now have my very own vintage. *wink*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

someone asked me to repost this story... pls. read.

from Lilian de Vera…please read..

Two months ago I considered myself as one of those blessed
and happiest people on earth. Why not? I married a guy who
was an epitome of kindness. A guy who worshipped even the
footsteps I made. More importantly, our union blessed us with
a daughter who not only became the main source of our
happiness….more so; she was the center of our lives.

We're simple folks who led a simple life. We felt the
happiest even about mundane things and inconsequential ones
that most people would only take for granted. Our joy mostly
revolved on simple pleasures like a sudden trip to Jollibee
or a late night marauding of the fridge for any leftovers. A
perfect family with simple delights, dreams and
aspirations………until that fateful night on December 5, 2008.
The day my husband and daughter were taken away from me in a
very violent way. That Friday night on December 5, 2008
marked the beginning of all the terror, anguish and misery in
my life.

In keeping with my ritual or "panata" on every first Friday
of every month, I went to QuiapoChurchon the above mentioned
date to pay homage and respect to the Almighty One. My
husband and daughter were supposed to pick me up in
PasayCityafter which we planned on giving our daughter a
treat to Jollibee. While riding the jeep, I tried to call my
husband to tell him that I was on my way to our meeting
place. But despite all the calls I made, my husband remained
silent. A very unusual occurrence inasmuch as he seldom
missed my calls. Despite my trepidation and wonder, I took
the next jeep going home and prayed that everything was
alright. I even promised to myself that I would forgive my
husband for not answering my calls and for forgetting to pick
me up.

I felt relieved when near our place my phone rung. Such
relief was somehow only momentary….in fact the phone call I
got was the bearer of the worst news in my entire life. My
helper called, only to tell me that my husband and daughter
were shot to death by "men in uniform". The same men who were
sworned to protect innocent people from bad guys brutally
slew the two most important persons in my life. They were the
same men whose sacred duty was to preserve the lives of the
public against all harm and danger. Yet…….they were the same
men who murdered my love ones in the most cruel, savage and
inhuman way.

My husband's face was unrecognizable because he was shot in
the head at close range while he was kneeling with his head
bowed down. My daughter's young body was riddled with
bullets, one hit her head, blowing her brains out.., all from
too powerful guns and ammunitionsfired by the"men in uniform"
on two innocent and defenseless persons.

The "men in uniform" were allegedly on a mission to take some
gang of robbers victimizing people at large. The police shot
the crosswind van my husband and daughter were riding Based
on some witnesses' narration, the police sprayed bullets into
the van despite the lack of provocation or shots coming from
the van. In his last effort to save their lives, my husband
grabbed my bloodied daughter and shielded her with his body
while trying to run away from the police and tried to get
cover from a parked jeepney My husband and daughter were so
defenseless. How can you mistake a child for a robber? How
can you shot at someone who was already kneeling with head
bowed, an indication of helplessness.

My husband and daughter are gone…….forever. The pain I feel
for their lost is too much too bear. And the only thing that
motivates me to go on with life is the mission to seek
justice for their senseless killing. If the people who are
responsible for their death will be punished, if I could
bring them the justice they so richly deserve, my pain would
be alleviated. The misery I will live by will be lessened. My
husband and daughter will be vindicated and I will learn to
live the remaining years of my life in peace.

Thus: I'm asking and begging everyone who will come across
this letter/e-mail to forward the same to all your relatives,
friends, and acquaintances. Help me bring my cause to the
eyes of the people capable of steering the wheel of justice
to the right direction. Help me make the loudest cry worthy
of attention by those people in-charge in rendering justice
to those who deserve it.

Strength comes in numbers; it is where the impossible becomes
possible. It is also where the unattainable becomes

My heartfelt gratitude for everyone who will take a moment in
their too busy lives and forward this letter/e-mail to
everyone they know. May God always protect you and your love
ones from all harm.

Lilian de Vera

Sunday, March 15, 2009


while i was browsing this social net site, i stumbled upon an online shop that sells variety of products (clothes, shoes, bags)... one of the albums that she have is designated for different bags that she sells. i thought that the photo of a cute bag on the cover of her album is also for sale. so i checked. unfortunately, it is not for sale. it's just a cover she used to attract buyers. as i checked, i read a comment that says, "is this for sale?" of course the owner answered no. but she mentioned the site where she got the photo of that awesome, unique bag. and because i was hoping that it is somehow available locally, i checked the site. only to be surprised that those creations are not for sale anywhere here. the site's language is in Italian. too bad... i don't understand Italian. and when i clicked on one of the photos, it redirected me to Flickr. wow! they have a wide selection of bags from recycled materials such as old magazines, newspaper and even an old record disc (the huge one? i don't know how to call it.. sorry...) amazing, isn't it? they were able to make something out of old and almost forgotten things. obviously, that's what makes them stunning. i have an eye for vintage stuffs. feels different when you have them on.

i bet you're wanting to ask me their website. oh, you can check them out at momaboma.it... if in case you can understand Italian, please come back here and tell me more. thanks...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Carlos Santana Shoes

I'm wondering how did Carlos Santana came up with the whole thing?
I also featured the first one in Fabfind and got a comment from a very mysterious member.
c",) and that really made me wonder if that person is somehow connected to CS... because after that comment, he never came back to sugarland. (huh?)
weird, isn't it?

but, hey!

payless.com has a wide selection of nice pairs, too. pay a visit and you might even pay less for a pair of shoe that you've been wanting to have... like me!

these are just some of what i have from payless. i often get positive comments from my friends and other peeps that i don't know for these shoesies... and most of the time they would be surprised to hear that i just got them from payless.

see? there might be no louboutin's or weitzman's or blahnik's in my rack... but at least i have soo many to choose from. and be as stylish as i want... peace! =)

let's walk

drooling over these fabulous pairs... all of them are from Christian Louboutin Collection of Bergdorf Goodman Shoe Salon. oh yeah... just one... just one and i'm willing to trade my D for a pair. naaah! just kidding! ^_^


my photo was chosen as the "Look of the day"! thanks to Fabsugar! it really made my day... ^_^ by the way, the 1st photo is the actual photo taken at the Fort Santiago Historical Park last March 8, 2009. (weeeee!!! ^_^)

mix and match

it's fun! but is it always necessary to follow the strict rules of fashion?

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

i wish i can dance

this video was was shared to me by my dear mom 2 years ago. i just can't get enough of it...