Friday, October 30, 2009

can't help it

this is supposed to be a photo of DH. but something else caught my attention.


i want!

i'm sorry... am just a girl. ^_^


me and my ADJ2...

i so love this pic.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

happy-sad-happy October

i have been waiting for this time for so long... i'm on vacay!!! yay! ^_^ since it's time for the Halloween Break (or more known here as Semestral Break), our school held a costume party for the kids before the school is off. it may seem a bit early but, we figured that there'd be no other chance than this day. (the classes will resume on the 4th of Nov - eeeeep!)

all the kids who attended the party had fun with their loots and donned around their cute and creative costumes.

of course, i brought my daughters along so they can also join in the fun. they wore costumes that i just dug up from my "jungle". AD (my youngest) wore her old little devil costume. geez! i forgot to take pics of her! anyway, ADJ2 (my eldest daughter) agreed to wear the wings and the old tutu so she can look like a fairy. a dark fairy! *wink!* OMG! it was only then that i realized how much she has grown! i might have been oblivious to the fact that she's growing up. and my heart aches at the thought... she's turning into a young lady. how fast! and sometimes, i find it hard to admit. but, what can i do? and because of this feeling, i sometimes hate the fact that i am a mom. aaaarrrgh!
(my ADJ2... she's turning 9 this year)

i too got so thrilled for this event... i brought packs of goodies that i can give away to the kids. i put on a mask that i designed myself and my lolita headpiece... (finally got the chance to wear it)
(yep! it is me!)

but after the party, DH and i would still have to travel to pay our last respects to our friend's mom who died 2 days ago... it was a sad news. i feel sorry for our friend... and i'm sorry to say this, but as soon as i heard from DH that we are going, i just got so excited! it means that i can go shopping at the bargain district of manila. wow! and it would also mean that i will sleep on the floors of their office. ssssh! DH is on a grave yard shift. ^_^

the next morning, i woke up early. i plan to take some photos but the scene isn't quite appealing. actually i did but i only took a few shots thinking that i should share them to you...


my feet were very tired but delighted at the same time. i was able to wander again and it really helped me feel better. i kinda forgot the pressures of my day job. i still hold on to what i've said before... i just need a little getting used to.

btw, Happy Halloween to all of you!!! ^_^ we'd still go trick or treatin' tomorrow night. so, i'll be back for more pics... keep safe, gurls!

Monday, October 26, 2009

post will come soon

i'm still in the process of editing my photos for my next post... i'm on a holiday! yaaay! ^_^ i'll see you soon my dearest! btw, what can you say about this outfit that i want to get for my daughter?...

the pic came from here

geez! i wish i can afford it... it's in yen and can only be purchased online... too bad! no store around here that sells clothes like this. lolita is such a fun style to try. i may not be able to pull it off but at least my daughter can. ^_^

Friday, October 23, 2009

new URL

i've changed my URL from bombsandnuts to
why? i just thought i should change it... :) it sounds more appropriate since my blog title is also the same. i wonder if it would affect my other profiles wherein i submitted my old URL? any thoughts? ^_^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

what a day...

today is no different than my day yesterday... exhausted, still suffering from tooth ache, now i got a mouth sore... just finished typing my lesson plans... that is what i call routine...

too lazy to blog so i just surf. but when i saw this... i laughed my effin' ass out!

Glitter Graphics & Comments

Glitter Graphics & Comments

hahahahahahahahahaha! happy tuesday, folks!


to all those who are still walking with me...

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Glitter Graphics Maker & MySpace Layouts

thank you sooo much! i owe you a post! ^_^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

going back...

"It's time I got back, it's time I got back
'n I don't even know how I got off the track
I wanna go back, yeah!"

these words from the song "the good life by the weezer". it popped in to my mind while i was hand washing some undies and socks earlier this eve... DANG!!! and i felt how much i'm missing my old life, my old self... most of us yearn for a change. that is certain! and i have always wanted at least a little part of my life to change. and i mean BETTER change... since i took this teaching job, i never felt comfortable and i believe that it's supposed to be fun. i should be having fun. but what is wrong?

i am beginning to forget the meaning of the word. it's because i really don't like it. (i just have to be honest.. pardon me) the kids in my class are all fine. though some of them are really hard to handle... and again, i beg for your understanding but i believe that i am not the right one for the job. this job pays less than one human being could ever imagine and requires tons of patience. from the start, i have always been nice and sometimes grouchy. but i never tried a stick or at least show them that i don't like them. i always made sure that i am equip with the right lesson plan and materials. and not only that... i gave them the best attention that i can offer (not even my own kids are so privileged to get that attention) you see, i tried and tried and until now i keep trying to give them all i could even if i get so little and even if their unmindful, paranoid and nagging moms does not appreciate it!!! (pant! pant!) BUT there is always an end for everything especially if it is becoming your worst nightmare! just last saturday i was accused by one of the moms of being un-teacher like and harassed me through a phone call. it almost slipped from my tongue that i am not what she think i am and that she doesn't know me well and that she has no right to tell me those barbaric words that she kept saying to me! and of course, as always, i still approached her with all humility and didn't try to answer back. but only God knows how much i wanted to fly to their house at that very moment and push her cell phone down to her throat!!! (pant again!) and until now i am terrified by that phone call... one thing more... my sore throat worsen... it's been on and off for like a month now and i haven't been checked by a doctor. no time for that... my voice is still hoarse and it aches badly. i'll try to see a doctor this weekend and ask for a medical certificate and YES! i will file a resignation to the office next week.

you might say that i am the worst person ever that you've met. i don't give a damn. my kids will suffer if i'll go on like this. they have been deprived of my precious time for quite so long now. my poor youngest daughter can't keep up with her lessons in school. that's because i don't have time to sit and teach her anymore. it's funny... damn funny! i teach these kids and yet i can't do the same thing with mine... she's in pre-school and she really needs attention. my attention! i don't want to see her growing up and blaming me for all the poor grades that she'll get in the future. i guess, it's time that i should get back to my good old life.

i mean better old life...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

awards?______i want! ^_^ UPDATED!!!

i just got an award from Tanya! that was "wow!" and has brighten up my gloomy day! thank you Tanya for including me in your pick!

this is my first ever blog award!!! oh my!!! ^_^

another great news: i would have to pass this on to 15 other bloggers! so please check out my list!


The Best Blog Award rules are:

1. To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link. don't forget to leave a comment!
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

my choice of blogs:
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i_wander: "i won!"

 i should've posted this a week ago but i was so tied up with my chores (like most moms are, ya'know!) and i didn't find the time to post it here. this is a necklace that i've won from a contest in MAF. now what is MAF? you'd ask, right? click the banner, please.
it is a site where lolitas, gyarus, decoras, j-pop, k-pop fashion and more meet and share their love for these Asian fashion styles and lifestyles. i became a member there months ago and i became one of the site moderators. (you might want to check out my post about it here) i could tell many stories about that community but not today. i am in so hurry and i have to keep this entry short.

anyway, one of the nicest member from new york sponsored a contest about a month (or so) ago... and we were encouraged to join. she made some pretty necklaces and have asked the members to choose one that would fit their personality and tell her why. i chose this design for i think it fits me well. it has a piece/slice of cake with a skull. why? it's just that i know i can be as sweet or even sweeter just like that cake but i can also be deadly when i get angry. LOL! scary, huh? not really... i think i have an "extreme" personality... i don't know. only people who are close to me can tell...

fortunately, my answer was chosen and i won that lovely cutie necklace! and now it's here! i got this last week.. i needed to take good photos that's why this is so late...

i reeeally ehl-oh-vee-eee it!

maybe one day i'd be able to tell you more about that lovely site and the people who are in there... that place is more than just a website to me. it is my second home. i found the best people in the web through that site. and i have learned more than just Asian fashion from them. i maybe too old for that place but they welcomed me warmly and most of them showed respect to me just like to an older sister. and i'm greatly honored. ^_^

 btw, i've mentioned that i love the necklace but tell you what... i love the wrapper too!

i heart bubble wrap! do i need to tell you why? ^_^

Monday, October 5, 2009

contest! contest!

i have to admit! i like joining contest online! well, duh?! who doesn't? (click the photo above)

i am joining this one not only because i want to win this fab stuff but also to promote my friend's site. is a cute fashion blog by my online friend Kyutie! she's an Asian Fashion Lover and a Filipina like me! to know more about her, feel free to visit her site. you can join her contest too! so what are you waiting for? you can also win stuffs when you refer a friend to this contest. i'm sure, you will not only enjoy this contest but her whole website as well. it is awesome, young, cute and fun!

see yah there! ^_^

Thursday, October 1, 2009

just like me

i'm currently enjoying my week long vacay from the noise and from my day job. ooh-lala! i finally started knitting and loom-ing... well, i have used the loom and started casting some yarns on its pegs. but due to the so many things-to-do, i wasn't able to finish it. and because i am so excited with the needles, i decided to start learning how to knit... thanks to so many videos or how to's guide to knitting and such, i am now working on my first swatch... i am lovin' it! geesh! it's a whole lot different from crochet... the stitches are a lot better. it can be stretched longer than that of the crocheted ones. hmmm... i am looking for an easy pattern at that site is like heaven! see for yourself why i love that place so much...

(this is my first swatch)

until now, i am in search for good quality yarns that i can use with my looms... the looms that mom got for me requires chunky yarns. unfortunately, the yarns that she bought were eyelash yarns. my mom is always like this... i remember when she asked me some 3 years ago, which do i prefer the most, high heeled shoes or sneakers? i answered, high heeled shoes. then the next thing i know, my shoe rack was filled with dozens of HHS! now, she's buying eyelash yarns like crazy! LOL!

anyway, when i took my daughters to the mall two weeks ago, i saw a store that sells craft materials (mostly cross stitching materials)... OMG! the name of the store is "Heavenly Stitchin' Moment". i was so lucky that day not only because i was able to find a huge roll of yarn (really bigger than the usual that sells here) but i found these on the sale rack:

speaking of yarns, i want to show you the difference of the yarns that i bought from them and from the yarns in my drawer...

even if they're not chunky, i can use them with my looms along with the eyelash yarns and i can make a good shawl or scarf. then, i will give it to mom... eeeeeep! i'm excited!

now, here's the progress of my loom.

the moment my daughter set eyes on this, she asked for it and promised me to finish it. now, we are both sitting quietly and knitting happily!

i'm working with the needles, while she with the loom..

 i guess she'll become a great craft lover too... just like me! ^_^