Friday, December 11, 2009

some Christmas wants

i want:
*A Chanel Bag

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*Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Christian Siriano for Payless are oh so good!

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*Yarns for Knitting/Crocheting (especially the chenille, boucle and wool.. droool!) they would make a great addition to my yarn collection.

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*A Lolita ensemble! oh my! i'm dying to try these on! but they are sooo pricey! and not available locally. how sad... :(

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well, ok! i admit, i'm not good in making a list. and besides, i don't have anything else in mind that would make me happier this Christmas. this is just a list of "what-if-i-got-extra-bucks?" :)
my family's health, my kids, my hubby, my mom and friends are all enough to make me smile. a smile that can last all year round! ;)