Monday, December 28, 2009

want to see me?

this is unbelievable! i'm the MAF GOTW!

wow! thank you! ^_^

and yes, if you're intrigued, click that link and see me there!



few pics from our little Christmas party... oh, i mean the FQ Christmas party. i didn't take much photos for i was so engrossed with chatting with my co-parents and the older kids who were also there. we went to the seaside (just behind the Mall of Asia) and we head off to the seaside market and restaurant. that was a fun experience for me! we went to the market and bought some stuff first... fresh fish, mussels and prawns and then let the restaurant handle the rest. everything is fresh and of course, delicious! yummm!

(the kids had so much fun at the seaside park)


(this is the wet market.. where we shopped for fresh stuffs)


see these strange creatures? believe me! they're edible! ugh! (faint!)


this fish, (i don't know it's name) is really good! and the prawns are to die for! (rrrrawr!)


tempura and sauteed shrimp.... (drool!)

tangy fish soup -- yummmmy!

oh! i forgot... this one goofy photo of me with the fish guy! lol!

hope you too, had a merry Christmas! and a healthy happy New Year ahead! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

busy......................... TUT! TUT! TUT!

to my lovely readers,

i am so sorry for not posting anything nutritious these past few days. i've been very busy -- sleeping. making up for the nights that i stayed up soo late working on my lesson plans or some materials needed for my teaching job. but, now that i am unemployed, i wanted to catch up with the things that i used to love doing. and of course i had to catch up with my kids too. but worry not my dear friends. i will post something as soon as i can. i am currently working on some accessories (and other crafts). my friend and i are planning to put up an online shop, so we can sell these things and make money (of course!)...

for now, i'd like to say:

may all of you have a blessed holiday season!

BRB! muah!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

la la la love...

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due to my busy schedule at work, i wasn't able to find time to blog about this. i won kyutie's online raffle. at stake is a Coach wristlet that is so pretty and truly a must-have. she PM'ed me some few weeks ago to tell me that i have won her contest/raffle. i was thrilled and really happy and i forgot to tell everyone about it. the package arrived yesterday. ooh-lala! i opened it ASAP! and ta-daaa! i couldn't believe my eyes! aaaahck! ^_^ thanks dear kyutie! and to everyone else, you should check out her site more often and watch out for more of her crazy contests!


meanwhile, my dear mom has spilled some good news... she's coming home and she'll be celebrating New Year with us! oh yeah! i really miss her... i'm glad that she'll come home. the sad part is, Uncle M won't come with her this time. :( maybe some other time...
oh, by the way... mom's third BOG (box of goodies) arrived yesterday too! (see? when it rains, it really pours!) here's what she's got for me...
(nice shoesies and a huge tote)

(and TWO PAIRS of Patricia Field Shoes... wow! but i think mom bought these at Payless... ^_^ never a problem for me...)

oh mom... you just don't know how grateful we are... my sister and i have always been thankful that she didn't stop spoiling us even though we're no longer little girls. maybe, that's how moms are. they always treat their daughters like little girls.. and i love it! ^_^

and this... this is mind blowing! a gift from DH... i'm sure it is not authentic and for all i care! it's still the thought that counts...

endless super thanks to all of them! i don't know what to say anymore... :) now i can go to bed... ^_^

Octopus that collects coconut shells?! WT...?

you gotta see this video!!! it's just soo amazing! i've just shown it to my kids...

isn't it wonderful? i mean, seeing these creatures do such an unbelievable thing... it only proves how mysterious and wonderful our world is!

Friday, December 11, 2009

some Christmas wants

i want:
*A Chanel Bag

photo came from here

*Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Christian Siriano for Payless are oh so good!

photo came from here

*Yarns for Knitting/Crocheting (especially the chenille, boucle and wool.. droool!) they would make a great addition to my yarn collection.

pics came from here

*A Lolita ensemble! oh my! i'm dying to try these on! but they are sooo pricey! and not available locally. how sad... :(

photos came from here

well, ok! i admit, i'm not good in making a list. and besides, i don't have anything else in mind that would make me happier this Christmas. this is just a list of "what-if-i-got-extra-bucks?" :)
my family's health, my kids, my hubby, my mom and friends are all enough to make me smile. a smile that can last all year round! ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Coin Operated Woman

i am a coin operated woman.
i am money motivated.
but what is wrong with that?
moolah is always needed to get the things that
i want,
i lust,
i covet.

i am a coin operated woman.
even my hubby knows that.
he knows that i can't give with nothing in return.
he knows that whenever he'd ask for something,
there's a price he has to pay.

i am a coin operated woman.
why should i feel bad?
i work hard everyday
i pay my dues
i save for the next storm
and i save some for my own storm...
coin operated...
sounds funny and even disgusting
but what is to worry?
when every woman i know are coin operated too...

i deserve pretty things
call them rewards
or whims..

but i deserve what i deserve
and i gotta have what i need to have
because i work hard
and i am a coin operated woman....

a poem intended for myself and all the women i know. cheers!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

almost forgotten...

heya! here are some pics taken during our school (where i work) educational field trip. i almost forgot to share them to you, dear friends! sorry about that... :) anyway, i hope you'll enjoy looking at them.

location: ocean adventure, subic *for more details, visit their website here.

Ocean Discovery Aquarium

Dolphin Friends Show

Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show

Walk on the Wild Side Show
the wild animals

a local indigenous Aeta who demonstrates his ability to build and light a fire without matches and also showed how to make utensils from a bamboo. (amazing!)

the lovely view...

me and my AD at the beach... whooohoo! white sand beach!


i wandered with them... blissful!