Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Last Sunday, it was... i greeted all the dads and dads-to-be whom i know, of course, that includes Hubby. ^__^

I have told you about my father, some posts back. And since I lost him so early, I can only send him prayers. You see, I grew up believing that people who passed away can hear my prayers. :) Well, there's no harm in trying... It was kinda saddening not being able to have a memory of your own father. I wonder how my mom was able to manage? 0_o Anyway, I'm all grown up now. What matters most is that she was able to raise me and my sister well... And she finally have found her happiness - my stepfather. :)

But some few weeks ago, a friend of mine whom I haven't heard from for ages, sent me a message telling me that she already found my father's relatives. They live near where she lives so it wasn't really hard. She told me that my father's cousin is looking forward to meet me soon. I was really happy! (Who wouldn't?) I told her right away that I'll be visiting them soon. As soon as I can squeeze that in my very busy schedule.

Now, that's another thing to look forward to! ^__^
"To my dad, happy father's day! Thank you for asking your friend to come find mom and me. Though, it was a bad news, I still feel loved by you. Don't you worry. I'll come find your grave and bring you flowers and candles. I'll bring along your beautiful grandchildren, so they'll recognize you. They've been "deprived" of a grandfather's love because Hubby's dad died early too. :( Good thing, mom met Mr. M. At least, now they have someone to call "Lolo" (means Grandfather in Filipino). :) He's a very nice and decent man. I've witnessed his pure love for mom.

Once again, thank you... You know That I love you..."

tea time!

just sharing these photos of Hubby's gift to me for Mother's day... sorry for the late post... :)

tea cup set with a cute porcelain doll...
aaaaw.. super lurrrve!

Starting again...

After the series of unbelievable events in our lives, I'm finally starting to pick up the little pieces of what's left in me. Hope. I keep telling myself until now that i have to be grateful for all the good and the bad things that happened. Yeah! Bad things teaches us a lesson. We learn from it and we must keep moving forward.

So, lately I've been focused on my kids' schooling, the shop and some other fun activities. Also, Hubby and I were able to find a way to send my youngest daughter to school. Yay to that! ^__^

I shall see you all some other time, my friends. My weekdays are kinda hectic. I might be able to come back during weekends. Thanks! :)