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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

manner matters

so many women i've met online. mostly are from fashion sites. but let me tell, only few of them have the most important characteristic every woman should possess. right manners. yes... they are all shiny, glamorous, fabulous and all. and i never thought that most of these glam, fab and all women are not ladies. and the most surprising part is, those handfuls are mostly from across the globe! i mean, i don't know about their culture, i don't even know who they are. but these ladies seem to have mastered the art of being lady-like. the sad thing about this, most of the, uhm, well... not soo lady-like are from here. ssshh! they might hear me...

well, i won't drop names here... even if you choke me to death, i won't dare give you a hint.

think girls! the world is not all about fashion. if you are too focused on that part, well, you are missing a lot. if you think that those pieces you own that you just got from the local mall is called fashion... think again. it's not even a big thing, my dear. you can't live with Mango all your life or be on top with Topshop. i'm sure Kenneth Cole won't even react if you are wearing one of it's fantabulously priced pieces. and Zara wouldn't know that you are loving her soo much. if that's all you have, then you are a pity. those are pretty great names and i have nothing against them. it's the bragging that you do on the web is what really sucks! (bragging is very unlady-like! leave it to the boys!) did you ever realize that not everyone is impressed? they still go for the style not for the brand. i have seen women, all shapes and sizes that has strong sense of style. but try reading through and you will see that not everything in the picture are made by top designers.

this is why i LURRRVE vintage lovers and humble ladies on the net! you are all showing the whole world that you can pull it off even if you're just wearing a pair of stilettos from payless. or a nice jersey top from papaya. or a cute flowery dress that you've thrifted. or that DIY design shirt that you have. i adore the ladies who owns too much and too many but still managed to keep their feet on the ground. to me, you're a true model that represents not just fashion but grace. i heart you all!

fashion is a disease. no one is too strong to resist it. but don't try too much because it'll make you look like you just want to fit in. internet can be a better place if posers aren't around. and you might want to take up MANNERS 101... it'll be helpful, girl friend.

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