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Monday, April 27, 2009


my birthday celeb was not that big... yeah, i know you know... did i mention that it's D's birthday too? yes, we do have the same birth date! ^_^ the night before our day, he took me out and we spent the night out and away from the kids for a while. 'twas fun! though we have to hurry back to the house because the kids would pretty much stay up late waiting for us to get back... darn! anyway, i had a great time though it's kinda quick and short... i still count it as our special alone time.

sunday. we're invited by my cousin to lunch. their whole neighborhood is celebrating the Feast Day of... ugh! i forgot! i'm sorry... anyway, let's go on... my cousin prepared something for that day, so we can go there and lunch together. we waited for the Procession of the images of Mother Mary and other saints (?)... unfortunately, my cam ran out of bat... i wasn't able to take photos of the event. UUURGH!!! now, i have nothing to show you!

the kids started to feel bored and they are all whining and asking us to take them home... so, there's no wisest choice but to go home. as soon as my butt landed my chair, i boot up my pc and then go on checking my mail and everything.

and to my surprise, i found out that one of my look was included in the LOTW! wow! that's amazing! again?! this is getting unbelievable! but whatever reason FS has, i don't care... it made my day again and i'm happy about it. and it's scary sometimes. the witches that bugged my friends were not around... inactive? well, we have to see... again, thanks to FS... i would consider this as a birthday gift... and to the "ladies" -- i love you! all the blog post in our group touched my heart... i don't know how to say it, well maybe because i'm not good at it, but i am soo thankful that all of you came into my life. one day, you'll come across this post and you will know how much i gained from you... you are soo wonderful!

(birthday greetings from my friends)

(print screen images of LOTW)

(original photo)

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Posh Mommi said...

I absolutely adore that look. The top is so sweet! And your legs are perfect for the outfit.

i_wander said...

thank you, dear!