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Monday, April 13, 2009

not too old for papemelroti

i was 15 when my addiction began.

addiction to PAPEMELROTI Products. their store that i first visited was in Robinson's Galleria. i remember how i have to save my lunch money just so i can buy some pieces of these brown colored notepads and notebooks. sometimes, i'll just drop by their outlet and feast my eyes with everything fancy and go home empty handed 'coz my allowance can only afford a bus ticket for a ride home. what a pity... ^_^

now, i realized that in the list of the things i've never outgrown, it belongs to the number one spot. i still find myself fascinated with the same brown colored paper products and all the other nice things that are available in their stores. i usually shop in their outlet in SM Southmall and Robinson's Ermita.

honestly, i don't even know what to do with these stuffs. they are locked in my closet coz i'd feel really bad if my kids find them and just play with it and all just go to waste. D would often ask me, how does it makes me happy. i don't know... really, i don't know.

one day, i'll go there and spend huge sum'o money buying all the notepads and scrapbooking stuffs that they have. hahaha! i sound like a maniac! well, that's just me...

i wish i can get the chance to meet the PaPeMelRoTi siblings... OMG!

okay, i know i'm blabbering... and i know you're not getting it but i don't care! anyway, here's a photo of what i am trying to tell you.

these are just some of my collections.

i maybe 30 and i maybe old... but my heart believes in one thing: no one is too old for anything. these things made me happy before and are still making me happy now. i intend to grow old with it and make it a tradition in my family. i am a certified papemelroti product junkie!

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