Thursday, April 9, 2009


today, i am taking things slow and easy... perhaps, take a break from the pretensions. ugh! i feel sooo not into it! really. i mean there are times that i feel interested and that the feeling is so intense. the urge to type it down is way too uncontrollable. that i couldn't get the sleep i want unless i type them down. but today, just for today at least... i want some rest.

then i visited "my babies". though tired, i have a duty to fulfill. it always feel that way. it always makes me feel that i'm in charge of things. and sometimes those things are really out of my circles.

questions that really needs truthful answers. could be nonsense but still, i believe they ought to know. and if i don't tell them, who else would? as if other people have time to care...

i remember what mom told me... "you have a gift. the gift of listening. and not so many people are good at it." geez... thanks mom! what a relief! but hey! sometimes i don't like it... and sometimes i need to be heard too... would you care?

oh crap! perhaps, i'll just go back to taking things slow and easy... just today... just for one day.

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