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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new life for an old shoes and the Quartet

Mother's Day

part of my morning routine is to have a coffee while sitting on the couch and staring blankly on the floor and think about my things-to-do for the day.

i realize that i have to get my ass up and start working because my son and his co-singers will perform later at the mall nearby. i have to iron his suit and his pants. i have to think of what to wear. i have to make them breakfast too...



let's start.

but wait...


is that my old flats laying on the corner?

oh, my poor old friend...


i paused... and stared blankly again...

and i walked back in to my room and grabbed my things.

(it has a very visible tear)

and then i started working on it.

i've been planning to do this like since i was born... (LOL!) but i just can't find the time to sit down for a while and work on it. these past few days, i am filled with soo many obligations and errands. ((my sister in law is getting married next week. she asked for my assistance and i was glad that i can be of help. i never thought that it would be so exhausting and exciting on my part. but then, i don't mind. i am enjoying every moment of it.))

since i still have extra time that morning, and i have no shoes to match my outfit for the day, i sat back to the couch again until i finished my little DIY project. it was a success! duh?! anybody can do it with both eyes closed. haha! just kidding... it's damn easy! now i have a new flats to walk around with... (or should i say reinvented?)


later that day, we all went to see my son's performance and i wore my old brand new shoes...

it was one day in my life that i should be thankful of. i do not even have to tell you why... *wink*

(the second little guy wearing a blue neck tie is my first born)

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♥effa♥ said...

wow.. sis
u re so creative..
i luv the way u make yr DIY shoes
very kawaii.. ♥♥