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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Franciscan Quartet and the Climb

(Franciscan Quartet and local DJ, Papa Dudut)

who are they? well, they are a group of four young boys who sings well and always get to be invited to perform in malls, schools and several events elsewhere. one of them is my eldest son, ADJ1. he's eleven and now in 5th grade. the group started in December last year but they were able to make the people "wow!" everytime they'd perform. and most people would say they are like the little version of Il Divo.

last saturday (Aug. 29), they were invited to sing in a mall nearby. they will be the front act of this famous singer/celebrity but unfortunately, the said singer/celeb can't show up because well, they said he's sick.

anyway, the show must go on, so they went on and sang for the people who are now disappointed . kinda scary, huh? so, me and the other members' moms stayed in the front row, all smiling and proud and trying hard to make the boys comfortable. we don't want them to be distracted by the crowd's reaction due to dismay for not seeing their "idol" that day. if i was them i would be really, really disappointed! come to think of it... they went there and fought hard to secure a nice seat (you will be required to buy his album to be able to enter the fence built by the mall management) and watch the show and then later on, get his autograph and photo op with him. thank heavens for most of the audience stayed and watched the boys sing.

they sang "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. i was really amazed on their own rendition of the song. you see, i'm not a huge "Miley Cyrus Fan" (not even a bit), her songs are ok to me but it wasn't soo good until i heard the boys' version. (you can add the fact that i am a proud mom of one of them ) i took their vid because i thought that i'd be sharing it here. and i want the whole world to see how proud i am, not just of my ADJ1 but all of them!

hope you enjoy watching/listening !

btw, my son's the third little guy from your left...

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2 Freakouts:

Lilize said...

omg, i love them!!!! :D

they should find an agent or something... and u moms could go a wardrobe kinda thing, i saw other videos on youtube, they look really singing on that black/navy blue suit!!! :)

thanks for stopping by, i left a little reply to u under your comment :)

i_wander said...

we're working on that, dear. they've been in and out of this strange contest on tv (like america's got talent)... they lost twice. :( but it's ok. more experience were gained. ^_^ thanks also for stopping by! hope you do swing by again! muah!