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Sunday, August 16, 2009

yarns and hooks in my jungle

my jungle is my closet. it's my dearest sister who named it "jungle" because whenever she's going to borrow something from me, i would always tell her to look for it in my closet (i'm too lazy to get up, ok?)... and she'd always come back to me and complain about it. all things scattered and disorganized. truly a mess! that's why she called it "jungle".

anyway, i don't want to talk about it yet... there are a lot of posts about "what's in your bag?" or "what's in your closet?" and it kinda wears me out seeing the same topic everyday.

since i'm soo into crocheting, i'm here to talk about my yarns... you can see below that my yarns are the common yarns you see in the store. the same yarn used for sewing the sides of the spiral notebooks of every high school students. yeah! it's common here. my hooks are mostly made of aluminum. sizes range from 1.50mm to 0.95mm and the others are size 3/0 to 6/0...

(i store all of them in my daughter's old pencil case)

(this is my improvised stitch marker. it's annoying whenever i lost count in crocheting but it is more annoying when you can't find stitch markers in stores. i wonder why they don't sell these here... ugh!)

well, my treasures are not much compared to yarns owned by other crocheters. but to me they are my precious! i don't even allow my kids to touch and squeeze them. except when they want to do some finger knitting.
(this is my carry-along case filled with yarns and other essentials. i take this bundle with me whenever and wherever i want to crochet)

(some variegated yarns by Red Heart and white acrylic yarns from Monaco, my pattern keeper, tissue holder used as a yarn holder)

(my pattern keeper. they are just clearbook full of printed copies of patterns that i was able to grab online. thanks to Ravelry!)

i do have a drawer where i keep my extras... so i guess i'm not that disorganized at all... ^___^
(this is where i keep all my sewing notions and all other stuff. that's my Oscar Dela Renta train case on top... i guess you know what's a train case for... XD)

just beneath my underwear box, is my approximately 3 feet tall drawer.

what's inside? take a look!
on the first layer... ta-daah! Yarns and Crochet Cotton yarns!

on the second... more yarns and some unfinished projects.

on the third... laces and ribbons and tulle, all in black! i love Gothic themed accessories! i also love making beaded jewelries. see? i really love crafts!

and lastly... somewhat free space for more ribbons,laces yarns or any other stuff. but for the meantime, i let my mold and deckle rest here. they are my Handmade Paper Making Kit that i've been keeping for so long. i bought them years ago in Papemelroti Store in SM Southmall. i was able to use them once. after that, i was so engaged with jewelry designing and forgot about the whole thing. to know more about paper making, visit their page right here: Handmade Paper Making

i know you would ask about that little box in the photo. it is a mini handheld sewing machine. it looks like a stapler.. haha... **wink** but it works especially on hemlines. really cool!


confession: i never splurged in bags, shoes and clothes, the way i splurged in to these yarns and other craft materials! ^_^

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dyeve said...

wow..nice blog..Congrats!..beautiful themplate..nice posts..interesting..pics..smiles..Keep it like this..weel donea

gracey said...

wow! you're so organized! i think i'll post some pics of my craft area/office & see what you'll have to say. my place is such a mess! i live by the saying- in chaos, there is order. LOL!

i_wander said...

thanks to both of you! pls. drop by again next time! *wink!*