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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i_wander: "i won!"

 i should've posted this a week ago but i was so tied up with my chores (like most moms are, ya'know!) and i didn't find the time to post it here. this is a necklace that i've won from a contest in MAF. now what is MAF? you'd ask, right? click the banner, please.
it is a site where lolitas, gyarus, decoras, j-pop, k-pop fashion and more meet and share their love for these Asian fashion styles and lifestyles. i became a member there months ago and i became one of the site moderators. (you might want to check out my post about it here) i could tell many stories about that community but not today. i am in so hurry and i have to keep this entry short.

anyway, one of the nicest member from new york sponsored a contest about a month (or so) ago... and we were encouraged to join. she made some pretty necklaces and have asked the members to choose one that would fit their personality and tell her why. i chose this design for i think it fits me well. it has a piece/slice of cake with a skull. why? it's just that i know i can be as sweet or even sweeter just like that cake but i can also be deadly when i get angry. LOL! scary, huh? not really... i think i have an "extreme" personality... i don't know. only people who are close to me can tell...

fortunately, my answer was chosen and i won that lovely cutie necklace! and now it's here! i got this last week.. i needed to take good photos that's why this is so late...

i reeeally ehl-oh-vee-eee it!

maybe one day i'd be able to tell you more about that lovely site and the people who are in there... that place is more than just a website to me. it is my second home. i found the best people in the web through that site. and i have learned more than just Asian fashion from them. i maybe too old for that place but they welcomed me warmly and most of them showed respect to me just like to an older sister. and i'm greatly honored. ^_^

 btw, i've mentioned that i love the necklace but tell you what... i love the wrapper too!

i heart bubble wrap! do i need to tell you why? ^_^

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Niqi said...

OOOh! I love popping bubblewrap too! In fact the whole family fights over who gets to pop it - but then we can't reuse it so that is bad for the environment - guess I will have to resist the urge to pop! :)

independentmami said...

MBC follower

Angela said...

Total bubble wrap craziness... my son would be in awe. He's a collector. :)

Following from the MBC. :) You can see me at http://thesuburbanjungle.blogspot.com

Aunt Dottie's Pantry said...

Thanks for the comment! Your blog is adorable and I love your sense of humor.

P.S. Isn't it funny how something as insignificant as bubble wrap can make us so happy??

Michele said...

great post.
Congrats on your win...

Bubble wrap....
ahhh, gotta love the bubble wrap!

Tanya said...

That's a pretty necklace! Congrats on
winning it. Btw I have an award waiting for you on my blog! Please come and accept it. Thanks!

i_wander said...

aaaaw! thank you all!!! ^_^ i never knew that there are peeps like me who also loves to pop bubble wrap! hahaha! that's quite exciting to find out!

@ Niqi
thanks for sharing your thought! perhaps i would have to control the urge of popping them like you do! i'm in for earth-saving tips!

@ tanya
wow! that's awesome! thanks sooo much! wait for me there... ^_^

Pineapple Princess said...

I so enjoy your blog. I'm a new follower!! Just hopped over from MBC. Have a great day! :)

♥effa♥ said...

OMG sis. u won it
congrate congrate (^^,)
it so cute!! ♥♥
and da buble wrap too
bubble wrap sooo much fun!!