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Thursday, October 1, 2009

just like me

i'm currently enjoying my week long vacay from the noise and from my day job. ooh-lala! i finally started knitting and loom-ing... well, i have used the loom and started casting some yarns on its pegs. but due to the so many things-to-do, i wasn't able to finish it. and because i am so excited with the needles, i decided to start learning how to knit... thanks to so many videos or how to's guide to knitting and such, i am now working on my first swatch... i am lovin' it! geesh! it's a whole lot different from crochet... the stitches are a lot better. it can be stretched longer than that of the crocheted ones. hmmm... i am looking for an easy pattern at ravelry.com... that site is like heaven! see for yourself why i love that place so much...

(this is my first swatch)

until now, i am in search for good quality yarns that i can use with my looms... the looms that mom got for me requires chunky yarns. unfortunately, the yarns that she bought were eyelash yarns. my mom is always like this... i remember when she asked me some 3 years ago, which do i prefer the most, high heeled shoes or sneakers? i answered, high heeled shoes. then the next thing i know, my shoe rack was filled with dozens of HHS! now, she's buying eyelash yarns like crazy! LOL!

anyway, when i took my daughters to the mall two weeks ago, i saw a store that sells craft materials (mostly cross stitching materials)... OMG! the name of the store is "Heavenly Stitchin' Moment". i was so lucky that day not only because i was able to find a huge roll of yarn (really bigger than the usual that sells here) but i found these on the sale rack:

speaking of yarns, i want to show you the difference of the yarns that i bought from them and from the yarns in my drawer...

even if they're not chunky, i can use them with my looms along with the eyelash yarns and i can make a good shawl or scarf. then, i will give it to mom... eeeeeep! i'm excited!

now, here's the progress of my loom.

the moment my daughter set eyes on this, she asked for it and promised me to finish it. now, we are both sitting quietly and knitting happily!

i'm working with the needles, while she with the loom..

 i guess she'll become a great craft lover too... just like me! ^_^

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Lilize said...

i really wished i could knit. lately i've been thinking of buying a loom, knitting machine or something just for a hobbie... is it good?

my mom taught me crochet when i was a kid, but i forgot :(

i_wander said...

you should try it! ^_^ you are lucky, there are so many great crafting materials around you... mine were just gifts from mom that she bought there in CA... we don't have so many varieties here. crochet is ok too.. looms are the easiest, i think. just right for lazy people like me. lol!

btw, thanks for dropping by.. ^_^

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog.

Future Mama said...

Love this post! I'm jealous of your craftyness!! I've crocheted crooked scarfs but that's it!

Loving your blog! Stopping by from MBC (even though I'm not a mom, so I hope they don't kick me out) to say hello! You have an adorable blog :) I'm a Future Baby Makin' Machine, trying to prepare to become a mommy! Hope you'll share some of your wisdom with me!

i_wander said...

@ veronica and future mama:

thanks for following my blog and for the comments too! i will get back to you as soon as i can! i've added you to my list too. i can't manage to post a new entry because weekdays are hectic for me... oh poor me! i'll see you soon, ladies! muah! ^_^