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Monday, December 28, 2009


few pics from our little Christmas party... oh, i mean the FQ Christmas party. i didn't take much photos for i was so engrossed with chatting with my co-parents and the older kids who were also there. we went to the seaside (just behind the Mall of Asia) and we head off to the seaside market and restaurant. that was a fun experience for me! we went to the market and bought some stuff first... fresh fish, mussels and prawns and then let the restaurant handle the rest. everything is fresh and of course, delicious! yummm!

(the kids had so much fun at the seaside park)


(this is the wet market.. where we shopped for fresh stuffs)


see these strange creatures? believe me! they're edible! ugh! (faint!)


this fish, (i don't know it's name) is really good! and the prawns are to die for! (rrrrawr!)


tempura and sauteed shrimp.... (drool!)

tangy fish soup -- yummmmy!

oh! i forgot... this one goofy photo of me with the fish guy! lol!

hope you too, had a merry Christmas! and a healthy happy New Year ahead! :)

2 Freakouts:

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Sarap!!! Keep on pigging out this holiday season then after that.....It's pay back time...more belly har..har..

i_wander said...

hahaha! parang ang sosyal! hahaha!