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Friday, December 11, 2009

some Christmas wants

i want:
*A Chanel Bag

photo came from here

*Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Christian Siriano for Payless are oh so good!

photo came from here

*Yarns for Knitting/Crocheting (especially the chenille, boucle and wool.. droool!) they would make a great addition to my yarn collection.

pics came from here

*A Lolita ensemble! oh my! i'm dying to try these on! but they are sooo pricey! and not available locally. how sad... :(

photos came from here

well, ok! i admit, i'm not good in making a list. and besides, i don't have anything else in mind that would make me happier this Christmas. this is just a list of "what-if-i-got-extra-bucks?" :)
my family's health, my kids, my hubby, my mom and friends are all enough to make me smile. a smile that can last all year round! ;)

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Mister GAG said...

If I could, I would offer you all of these items. Even better, I wish I could hand-made them for you! :)

i_wander said...

ahahaha! i literally laughed upon reading your comment... LOL! how i wish i can hand-made Chanel bags and make lots of money out of 'em! ^_^ thank you so much! just the thought that you wanting to give me these is enough... you're lovely, mr. GAG! muah!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore that chanel bag..

following you via MBC...hope you will follow back..

Mister GAG said...

I can draw dresses and hats and shoes and bags. All I lack is the ability to sew :) So, you never know! Maybe one day I'll get my own Chanel house :)

You are more than welcome. You have been so kind to me that it's only fair I send my warm sentiments. :)


i_wander said...

@ms. shraddha
thanks for dropping by... i have followed you since your first visit. thanks again!!! ^_^

i_wander said...

oh mr. GAG! i can design too but i can't sew using a machine. my hand sewing abilities are poor too.. aaaw...:(

hey! i miss your posts! ^_^

Mister GAG said...

You and I should sign up for a sewing class then :p

A time for everything and everything in its time, my sweet lady :) Some days I write, some others I support those who have been there for me. :)

PS. I wrote a sort of poem yesterday that is SO powerful and thought-provoking that I am LITERALLY nervous about posting. :(

i_wander said...

hahaha! that is what i have in mind especially now that i just quit my teaching job. i'd love to learn something new and improve my talents rather than spend my precious time serving unprofessional people. grrrr!

i sometimes feel nervous about posting my sentiments here because i know that my dear hubby is reading this blog (secretly). but i have always believed that i should feel the fear and do it anyway. because if i don't i'd be grouchy the whole day... even worse. blogging is some sort of a therapy for me. (i'm sure lots of people find it that way too) so why worry? :) let it out, dear. and let us read it... lol!

Mister GAG said...

You have quit teaching, too? Talk of a coincidence! ;)

Writing is therapeutic, indeed. And your hubby shouldn't worry because you're kind and kindness begets only kindness.

All right, you convinced me. Posting that poem, it is! Let me just adjust and type it. :D

i_wander said...

don't tell me you're a teacher too?! :D

i can't wait to read that post... i'll hit you back as soon as i can, darling... :) muah!

Mister GAG said...

I was ;)

Take your time, my sweet one. I got too busy re-arranging the different stanzas and coming up with a provocative and evocative title proved time- and energy-consuming.

I got a feeling it will generate mixed feelings in readers, yet will leave quite the powerful impact. To the point I almost shake thinking about it!

So excited here! :) It shall see the day in about 2 days, though, as I have to write something else tomorrow.

Have a good night! XO