Saturday, May 9, 2009

HELP! please?

i would really appreciate if the visitors of this blog would help me know more about knitting, crochet, weaving and the likes. you can leave a comment, a link or simply send me an email. here's my addsy:

i'm so desperate... huhuhu... :-(

thanks in advance. ^_^

Happy Mother's Day!

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this is what i'm up to!

pix of what has kept me busy these past few days. *wink*

this is the crochet project that i was able to finished. LOL! the small one looked like a rat!

the box of my new love

inside the box

the end result... ta-dah!

finger knitted shawl for my niece...

i am up to something...

oh my... i wasn't able to write lately. i've been working hard late at night on my new found love. yarns, needles, weaving and knitting... i'm a beginner. and i need improvement, i know.
i tried crochet projects but none of them seems to work. it's not as easy as it looks. when i started doing it, oh my... i really need help with it. i gotta call my aunt for help. she's the best in this craft. she can make curtains, bed spreads, pillowcases and blouses and more... whew! when i realized that i need to work harder on the basics of crochets, i said to myself, "slow down a bit. watch and learn... MORE!"

i bought a small weaving loom (a toy) just recently. wow! oh wow! this is new and it looks easy! it has everything in its box. i bought this because i am desperate of finishing a project that involves yarn. (ugh! i sound like a maniac again...) due to soo much excitement, i opened the box and started working for my first weaving project. hmmmm... not bad, eh! and i'm lovin' it! i had to work during the wee hours of the morning. i like the quietness of everything... and the kids were all asleep. no one to bug me... (sorry for the term. they usually get more excited than me) i managed to finished my first weaved bag for my younger niece. she liked it! aaaaw... thanks to you, little toy...

last night... just last night. i saw a video of finger knitting. this is perfect! i mean, it doesn't require hooks and needles and looms and anything else. just a ball of yarn and your fingers! fantastic! yeah... i know. only kids do this. what can i do? i wasn't taught about it. nobody did. not even in school. i know how to make a cross stitch portrait, sketching, scrap booking but these are new to me. don't blame me... sooo, i tried it and i liked it. i was able to make a shawl for my older niece. she was amazed on how fast i was able to finish one. oh yeah, i should be fast. kids can do it.

D asked, why didn't i make one for my 3 kids. i said, "theirs should be special. i have to prepare for that and grab the finest materials i can get." i will. i swear!

you know, this could be shallow. i mean, the things that i do. you might think that i am so child like. yes! i am! i simply got tired of the usual things that i do. i love to discover more new things that i can enjoy. clothes, shoes, bags... they can be tiring too. the world never runs out of things like these. they get more pricey as time passes by. and yet, you can still feel empty and not contented. next thing you know, you're buying another pair and more stuffs that you might not even need. i'm just taking a time off. you know me. i can't afford fashion all the time. and i easily get bored with it. well, maybe i'll go back when i'm aching again. for now, i am just a happy crafter. i'm going to try Polymer Clay sculpting soon. i am still working on this Lolita head dress that i'm sewing by hand and more and more knitting to come. i'm having fun!