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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

trying to keep up

gaaah! i am exhausted as always! :) running the household and selling online while hunting for sponsors for the WCOPA trip is really what's keeping me busy lately. i'm glad, though... the little profit i make in selling really helped me in processing our papers. really not an easy thing to do.. aaaargh! and as for the sponsors, so far, some friends and acquaintances made their pledges. isn't that good news? :)

btw, i haven't revealed yet what we (a friend of mine and me are partners) sell online... well, it's not really huge or somewhat classy. we are concentrating on this market because we know that one can't find so many sellers here that offers such products. like most sellers on Etsy, what we sell are all handmade by me and my friend. AND our target market are the lovers of Gothic, Victorian, Lolita, Punk(not sure though) accessories. i know... i know... it's not impressive, i told you. we don't want pressure. we only sell stuffs that we love making. we try to combine pieces of jewelries with other stuffs and crochet too, and then -- ta-daaa! ^_^ oh, i just love the results!

just take a look! :)

***these are top hats made by me and my friend (who happens to be my sister's BFF, btw)

***this is my personal favorite! really hard to make... but C's BFF managed to make one! she's a freak, i guess...

***yes, it is! it is a doll! cuuute! xD

***some cuffs... these are bestsellers! :D


and whenever i'm idle (meaning, whenever i'm not on the computer or washing the dishes), it's either i'm crocheting or busy working on a new design. they might not be appealing to some but it took us lot of work and thinking before we could finally finish one. another thing is -- i don't work when i lack inspiration. so, i hunt endlessly everywhere for new inspiration. >_< til i have no more energy left to work. hmpf! st*pid!

pardon me, my friends, for my absences here in my blog. i only have two hands and one mind (~whispering~ and that one mind isn't working well! tee-hee!) if i could type with my feet, believe me i would, just to keep up with you... at least i'm trying... (lame!)

i'll be seeing you around... ~smooches!~

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Madonna said...

what is the link to your Etsy site? I would like to browse it. My daughter's would love the cuff bracelets.

i_wander said...

hi there! i'm so sorry that i forgot to mention that my shop is in multiply. ^^b and i'm afraid i can't accommodate international orders because the shipping costs are high. these things cost about $2-$4 and one should pay for like $15 or more to get this delivered to you... i guess it'll not be worth it... :(

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

These are, actually, VERY good creations you got there! You call those unoriginal? My sweet lady, your brain is, indeed, tired. :p *Hug* I am really really impressed! You see, becoming the next Chanel isn't THAT out of reach for you, after all. :) Keep up the good work!

BTW, somebody has just had a badge of their blog created and judiciously placed on another blog. ;)

i_wander said...

aaaaw, wilmy! that is too much! :) what can i say? haha! thank you sooo much, my dear-lovely-super-thoughtful blogger friend!!! ~gasp!~

and thank you for believing in me... :)

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

I hardly believe in people until I see what they're capable of and you, honey, have some mad skills! What you're doing looks really good. Ticklebear should like, too. He likes Goth stuff ;)

Bri said...

New follower from FFF at MBC :)


Love the hats and cuff bracelets!

i_wander said...

@ wilmy

oh really?! i never would have thought he does! well, Goth is cool, i think. except for those who tries to overdo it.

aaw, sweety! most of the stuffs are made by my sister's BFF. she's a freak like what i've said and i won't take it back! hahaha! but most of the time too, i initiate the how-to's in designing because i am more exposed than she is. everyday i search for ideas and from there WE start. like earlier, she was here and i showed her how to make mini pillbox hats. can you just imagine what's going to happen next? :) she'll come back here with tons of mini pillbox hats in different designs and colors! LOL! she's always like that! but i love it!


i_wander said...

@ bri
thank you for the visit and also for following! got your link! ^^b

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

What you two do is simply very good stuff! I do see something big resulting from, to use a jargon you used to be accustomed to, this "pair work"! :D

You have my support! And nice new blog picture :)

i_wander said...

yes! exactly! we have a lot in common. she's very comfy to be with.

thanks for the support, my lurrrvely friend! :) that pic is from the Gothic & Lolita Bible. luv it too! :)

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Good. We wouldn't want you to work with a total biatch :p But then, biatches can be the most creative. heh!

Keep up the good work, ladies!

i_wander said...

she is the most creative biatch that i've known! lol!