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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i know that everyone has been wondering what has happened and why have i decided to stop blogging for a while. i don't know if you can still remember the story about my boys, The Franciscan Quartet, going to Hollywood for that competition. well, here's an update --- they are NOT going anymore! aaaaaaaw.. i know how this could be disappointing but nobody else could be more disappointed than us, their moms. WHY AREN'T WE GOING? well, simply because we weren't able to pass the Visa interview. and we, the moms, were all refused of this visa for no known reason (i guess).. the officer who conducted our interview was an Asian guy who, i think, doesn't really know what he was doing right at that moment. he was asking the officer (an American guy) regarding our papers and what to do about it. and then he just said, "would you still allow your son to go without you?" i answered "yes, BUT!.." then he cut me right there and said "okay, you are being refused an American visa and you may now proceed to the courier service right at the pavilion." and i was like 0_0 "duh?" yes! yes! yes! it went just like that and then nothing! (pfffft!)

now, what was that?!

okay.. before we all went for the interview, i told myself that no matter what will happen, passed or not, i wouldn't mind. i'm kinda half-hearted about this whole thing because i know that i can't really afford to go... talk about the airfare and the hotel accommodation expenses and such?... i just can't afford it. the sponsors didn't really help a lot because of the election that took place last month. and most of our contacts were politicians who were just throwing off some of their wealth to win the election. and some of them even told us that if ever they have extra money to spend - well, they won't be spending it on us. :( well, that's life.

i don't hold any grudges for anybody... actually, i was kinda relieved. although i wanted so much to call that Asian officer in the embassy a name, like "inconsiderate asshole" but naaah! that wouldn't help either... and if we did passed, how are we going to handle everything?

now that the Hollywood dream is over, i can move on to the next step. it's almost school time here and my youngest daughter, hasn't enrolled yet. i haven't shopped for their school needs. and it's all because i'm short of funds. my online shop has to stop for a while because i am too busy processing our papers. and now i'm bringing back everything in order... it's barely 2 weeks but i'm keeping my fingers crossed.. i had to earn some more money so i can send my youngest one to school. all of my savings were spent to our passport and other necessary papers for the trip. it ain't easy! i'm left with nothing but empty pocket, little money in the bank and debts. all because of that trip. :(

all i can think of right now is to keep moving forward. it's useless to rant about them. i can't afford to waste my precious blog space, time and effort. but i'll tell you a story some other time about my adventures with the foreign affairs here. i just need a little more contemplating before i could write them all down. :) har har har!

i'll see you around again... very soon. ^___^ i missed everyone out here!

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Zeruda said...

Oh my!! What a jerk that officer was!! I'm glad your back here tho, I've been missing you :) I hope everything works out with the economy and your daughter get to go to school.


i_wander said...

oh dear! thank you! ^^b i really missed everything here and on maf. that officer was a complete jerk! it almost made me want to ask him if it had been your own son, i'm sure you'll go crying like a cow! but i have to keep myself very composed and relaxed because i don't want my son to see how i was torn apart inside. oh well! that's the way it is here... :( but at least, i'm still alive! and it's really good to be back! mmmuah! miss you more, honey! ^^

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ceemee said...

welcome back!

Lilize said...

i just asked if u guys were here and just read the answer........ BUMMER!!!!! i was looking forward to seeing u guys... LIVE!!!

couldnt u try a second interview? when is the latest they can come? my bf was also denied visa, then we went back one week later and they gave him the visa... it's just a random lottery, really.

if u could, i think u should keep trying!!!!

i_wander said...

@ kibom & ceemee

thanks for the warm welcome! ^__^

i_wander said...

@ Liz

aaaahck! finally! you're back! ^_____^

oh, well! we really want to try again but the application will cost $141 this time. plus you have to call them to make an appointment that will cost $1 or so per minute and the pain of getting there... aaargh! we had gone through a lot of security measure. :( plus the long queue before you could finally be interviewed. 95% you'll fail it! so there's no chance really. they don't even ask you relevant questions. so, i guess, if it's not oprah or ellen degeneres summoning us, we have a very low chance of getting there. :( that's a very sad truth for us. but thanks! :) knowing that you were really waiting for us makes my heart jump! ^__^

PinkPixel said...

I guess it's just a blessing in disguise. There'll be more blessing and opportunity to come. I am sure! Ü

i_wander said...

thanks, pink! i'm really hoping for that.. :) as for now, they have a lot of time to focus on their studies.. :)