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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i have been reading the sartorialist lately... and i really like how that blog goes. taking pictures of people he met on the street... and writing about them and their wardrobe. i would love to do that too but... my resources are limited. for fashion in this place consists merely of pants, shirts, shoes, bags, some skirt, whatever things and brand. (brands that are not so known to many) unlike in any other place, fashion is layering. fashion is mixing and matching. fashion is brand. although brand really matters here, few people can only afford that. so, instead of getting a designer piece that cost too much, people would settle for something less but is as stylish. there's really nothing wrong with that. i, myself can't afford one. it's being more realistic.

i guess, fashion is not about the price of what you have. it is more of a statement that you create when you wear what you have. it has always been a challenge for me to make my statement acceptable to many, for them to like it and make them jealous and green with envy. and also make them say WOW! how a little amount could work wonders...

it's not the label... nor the price... it's the guts, honey. and i've got plenty.

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