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Saturday, March 21, 2009

my very own vintage

D and i went to this store where the stuff they mostly sell are furnitures of all kinds. the place was more like a junkyard to me. for most of the stuff they have are old and almost unusable pieces. he said he saw some fishing rods in there and he wanted to take a look and buy. so i went with him but i really don't have plans of buying anything there.

while he was checking the rods, i wandered around the place. i saw a rack full of old and dusty bags. i checked them phlegmatically because it is obvious that most of them have scuffs and rips. BUT HEY! i saw this little cutie within the pile of old and dirty bags which seems ensconced to be unnoticed. i grabbed it and asked the seller if it is for sale and he answered yes. YES! i scrutinized the interior and exterior parts of the bag. its only flaw is the tarnished metal (gold plated, maybe) hardware of the handle and the lock. WOW! i'm takin' it! i asked the seller again for its price. i must confess... i haggled. well, i know haggling is part of the trade but i seldom use my talent in haggling because i feel bad whenever i ask for a discount. it's simple, i don't buy if i can't afford it and i haggle if i really like it but i only have limited dough or whenever i buy in bulk. i feel that i am taking away so much from them. but anyway, the seller said yes and i quickly paid for it before he can change his mind. i paid for the item 30% off its original price. the bag's cost is not really pricey but as i said i haggle when i need to. still a great deal for it's original price. *wink*

it is croc-skin purse that looked like my sister's Givenchy bag, only mine is smaller and i don't recognize its brand. now, i call it my "little Givenchy"... it is obviously vintage. i don't care if it has been salvaged from somebody else's closet. all i know is, i now have my very own vintage. *wink*

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