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Monday, September 28, 2009

after the storm...

the storm that hit PH has damaged so many lives and homes... i, together with my family, greatly sympathize to the victims of the storm "Ondoy"... we are currently looking for old clothes in our closet to give away to those who might need them. i can't afford to donate anything big. i have no savings. but i hope these old clothes could help... :(

btw, i'd like to thank my online friends who PM'ed me asking how i was... mostly, Americans... thanks so much for your concern! ^_^

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Momma Such said...

I'm so glad you are doing well after the storm. How scary! It is great that you are helping others in their time of need.

I'm your newest follower! I found your blog at MBC! Feel free to stop by and check mine out sometime at http://raisingmy4sons.com More contests coming soon! :)

i_wander said...

thanks a lot! i actually checked out your blog and i followed too! i'm glad that i am meeting new friends through MBC! i'll see you soon... ^_^