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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

when it rains...

it pours!

yes, the storm has left. and it has left so many devastated homes and hearts of the families who lost everything that they have. i so wanted to post this but you might say that i am being so insensitive. posting the things that you have while so many people are suffering. BUT 2 days before the storm hit PH, mom's second package arrived. it was full of yarns and other nice things for the kids and me and C... wow! again... thank heavens for my oh-so-generous mom!

so... what was inside the box? here... have a look! ^_^

the bamboo knitting needles are  from thinkbamboo.com. the last set of knitting needles are all vintage. ^_^ those eyelash yarns are a great addition to my yarn collection. those can't be found in the stores nearby. i'm not sure though... if they are, well, they cost more than you can imagine! now, can you blame me if i have asked for yarns this time instead of shoes?

btw, the small balls of yarn are from Paraguay. yay to that!!!

sigh... i just wish i can find time to use up all these wonderful yarns for my project. until now, i haven't been able to finish what i have started with my looms. the knitting starter kit is still untouched. aaaaw... it breaks my heart...

 this post is for my mom. i do not intend to post these here just to show off or brag. the storm is another story. and this is mine...

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