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Saturday, September 12, 2009

as i promised...

as promised, i am back for something useful (duh?)... i just finished editing my pics so that i can share some good news to all of you...

september has been so kind to me... since the first day, it brought nothing but goodness. yeah, i know that i whined just 3 days ago but after getting enough sleep and some contemplating, i realized that there are things that i have to be grateful of. my job needs a little getting used to. and i'm halfway there. (really?)

my mom sent a package full of lovely things for us, almost two weeks ago. i didn't blog about this because i wanted to take some pics before i could post. but i got so busy with my new job last week that's why i didn't find time to share it here.

she promised to send me a set of knitting looms and some knitting needles for my hobby and pairs of oh-oh shoes. shoes are God's gift to women! and i have been so in love with shoes ever since i can remember... me and my D have been in trying times but i have at least 3 pairs of good shoes back then. those were trying times, i tell you. pardon me, people! i'm a woman! (evil!)

thanks to my mom! she's so kind and generous and thoughtful and all! she gave me all these stuff to satisfy my voracious appetite for shoes and crafts!

i don't know how to knit but when i told her that i soo want to learn, she said: "i'll send you a starter kit. i saw one at Michael's" (see? she loves me! haha!)

(this is my old makeup case that i turned into knitting essentials keeper. also from mom...)

what's inside?

the not-so-excited attempt

some shoes she got from Payless
(i always feel ashamed whenever i take photos of my toes... they look like ginger!)

this pair's a little old fashioned. but i so like the heels...

oh my! my sister have one like this. i turned green with envy when i saw it! so my generous mom bought not just one pair/color, but two! wonderful!

lastly, my new blue shoes! i luuuurve it! rrrawr!!!


mom. until now she never failed to make us the happiest and proudest daughters. she's a gift to me and my sister and our kids. i know you might say that i am too old to be spoiled by her. but what can i do? i didn't asked for these things. she gave these to me with all her love. even if it would drain her pocket. thanks mom! now i am smiling like the lady in the label of Provocraft knitting loom pack!

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The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Oh, the blue shoes. I love.

i_wander said...

thanks! i'm glad you liked it! ^_^