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Thursday, September 17, 2009

oh really?!

(this is my second newsletter)

though i am not an avid fan of MNG clothes or line of products, i subscribed to their news letter through the net. i don't know... maybe i just got so intrigued with what's what in their world. and why do they have such expensive collection. you see, until now people on ebay are crazy searching for pre-loved pieces that's up for auction. i even went to 2 or 3 stores that they have around here and i walked out of the shop speechless while i wonder why their pieces are soooooo pricey! (well, it is obvious why they have expensive collections)

they have a new line called "think up". i guess this is all about a little un-pricey items that they have. i received a newsletter days ago that tells about this and oh-lala! wonderful idea! maybe on my next visit, i wouldn't go out of their store empty handed. (you wish, gurl!)

aaaaaaw... i always drool over those nice, shiny clothes that i know i can't pull off even in my imagination. maybe i could if i can...

i sound so shallow... i know. but can you blame me? well, i guess this is easier rather than lusting for a more expensive ones. ^__^

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