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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

soo late...

(Victorian inspired head band)

(Gothic inspired fascinator)

i made these accessories months ago but never been able to post it here. i wanted so much to wear them but i am reluctant... i can't pull it off, i guess. *sigh!*

these are gothic inspired fascinator and head band. uhm... at that time i wanted to have something Lolita inspired but when i finished the whole thing, it turned out to be gothic. ugh! but most of my friends said it's nice... one of them is really willing to pay for it. aaaw.. but i said not this one. part of it was glued and some parts are hand sewn. i don't think it will last long. (at least i'm honest... *wink!*)

i will post photos of these while it is worn but not today... i am so tired from work and i wanted to dive in to my bed and doze... freakin' day for me... i hope tomorrow's gonna be different. i'll catch up with you later... *wink!*

2 Freakouts:

The Sideshow Scrapbook said...

wow great hats...how long did they take you to make...I am very impressed....I like them a lot

Laura xxx

i_wander said...

thanks for your comment!

the gothic one took me 3 days to finish. i worked on and off and only at night when the kids are all sleeping... they'd mess around if they're awake. ^_^ and i finished the headband within 3 hours. i'm glad you liked them! thank you!