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Thursday, January 28, 2010

i'm back and i'm tired... but happy!

after dealing with sleepless nights and stress due to mom's despedida party and the shop's soft opening, here i am... so weary and broke. did i mention that i am also trying to process all the documents we need for the WCOPA event? aaahck! i can't even lift my finger to type this post.

i'm taking a break today! as i've said i'm broke and i don't have anything left except for some loose coins in my pocket. really, everything drains you and your energy. whew! i'm glad that i still have some left for this post. and i am much happier because my sister gave me something to write about...
my sister, C (or more known as BUTTERyFLY) is passing an award to me (again!), which is:

hmmm... really, huh? thanks my dearest only sis!!! (^*^)

ok, here are the rules:

THE GOLDEN RULE for receiving this award.
pictures are optional but of course, it would be more exciting if you'll post one... then pass it on to your blogger friends! easy-peasy!

Fact # 1:
i suffered from Post-Partum Depression when i had my youngest child. that was a horrible experience... and embarrassing too. :( never went to therapy sessions and i became too dependent on Iterax 25. after some months, it vanished! (whew!) 0_0
Fact # 2:
i am in lurrrve with Lolita Fashion! rawrrr! so afraid to try it but i managed ONLY once...

see? ROTFL! but it was fun! :)
Fact # 3:
i don't do the laundry. DH is in charge of that... lucky me! :)
Fact # 4:
like my sissy, i got married at 18. and had my first born at 19... 0_0
Fact # 5:
i'm 2 years older than C... but she's 5 years wiser than i am, i guess. LOL!
Fact # 6:
my sister and i share "common things" including friends. xD
Fact # 7:
i never got the chance to meet my father. he died before i turned 1. mom said she went to see the grave but it wasn't finished at that time and if ever i want to see it now, she won't remember where it was. hufffffffffff!

so i guess that's it! and i'm passing this on to some friends of mine... :)
thanks again, C!!!

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Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Good you're writing again, dear one. :) I'm sorry you're tired and broke. Thank God you don't have to do the laundry ;)

Like you, I never got to see my father as he passed away 3 months before I was born. May both of our dads rest in peace. :)

Get some rest now and congrats on the award. Totally deserved! HUGS

i_wander said...

oh Wil... i really feel bad that i wasn't able to write and that i am MIA for like weeks! i just couldn't find the mood and the right words to blog. the wcopa thing stressed me a lot. but last friday everything went well when we talked to them. which was a relief for me. ^_^

oh yeah, i've read about your dad too, in one of your posts. let me ask... did your mom own one photo of him? because mine don't... i really want to know how he looked like but from what i've heard, his mom refused to give my mom one. it sucks, right? :(

thank you, amore! i really missed you! btw, i'm passing it to you!

~big hugz!~ ^_^

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Worry not, my sweet lady. Write whenever you can. No pressure at all :)

Funny you mentioned not owning pics of your dad. I only have a couple of these, but when I went over to my aunt's (who lives 6 hours away), one of her sons showed me lots of photos of my dad but made me promise not to tell my aunt (???)

It's not like seeing my dad's photos was going to bust her for having taken over all his possessions, which could have secured a prosperous life to his offspring. Oh well ...

Miss you, too :) Take good care of yourself!

i_wander said...

you're still lucky, my friend! :( when i die and finally get to meet him, for sure i won't recognize him. oh, well.. i'm still wanting to trace my lost relatives. one day, i will...

dear friend, thank you soo much for your undying support to me. i am happy whenever you visit me here. :) you take good care of yourself too, my sweet friend! ~kisses!~

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

It's still weird your mom won't show you any photos, though. If you don't mind me asking, why do think this is the case?

i_wander said...

she won't because she doesn't have any... she said my father's mother refused to give her some copies after his death. how sad... :( and i was trying to look for some relatives but my friend who helped me look for them said, they all migrated to US. all she (mom) has are memories of him. she tried describing how looked like but i really can't get it... maybe someday... maybe... :(

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

I am sorry about that, my sweet one. Our only solace is that we'll be able to meet our fathers, hopefully in heaven. :)

P.S. Maybe your trip to California is a predestined step towards meeting your dad's family? Wouldn't that be AWESOME? :D :) :D :)

i_wander said...

so true, my lurrve! :)

that'll only be possible if i can get away from my son even for a while.. :)

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

You never know. Life's a big bag of surprises that you may meet some relative on the singing thing.

For some reason, I feel it is very likely to happen. Don't know why ...

i_wander said...

oh dear! everytime i speak to you i always feel so relieved after... :)


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

If it is the case, then I'm happy :)