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Thursday, January 14, 2010

too good to be true... but yes! it's true!

yesterday was really awesome! as in! until now i am in a state of shock! oh here i go again... i hate going into details but i have to make this quick and clear...

well, yesterday, we head off to an audition and i really don't know what was it about.. all i know is that they'll have sing and if they are lucky, they're in! but i realized that this one was different! it's for WCOPA! World Championships Of Performing Arts is the first and only international series of competitions to find and crown the best aspiring performing artists on Earth culminates its search annually with the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts in "Hollywood" - the entertainment capital of the world!

and that means, The Franciscan Quartet is going to represent our country to compete in Hollywood on July this year!!! isn't that HUGE?! ^_^ i couldn't believe it! i just don't know what to say! it's overwhelming!!! oh geez! i'm so sorry! let me breathe... ~wink!~

during the whole time that we've spent in that hotel, waiting for our turn, i did nothing but sit around, go to the smoking lounge and crochet some flowers for the bookmarks that i'm sharing to my friends... i didn't want to think too much about the results. it's like punishing myself inch by inch. i have to kill my time and relax.

(cam whoring at the smoker's lounge! ^_^)
(my feet needed some time off from that killer shoes. ugh!)

but there are just those moments that cannot be avoided. like when it was their turn to sing, we were also called inside the room to watch. my heart wanted soo much to pop out of my chest! really, dude! i stayed at the back to take some photos and tried hard not to distract the panel of judges, the crew and the camera man who documents everything that day.
(during their turn)

each auditionee must sing at least half of their piece and will be interviewed by the judges. one of them is the international director of the event. she'd wave her hand and then the music will be cut off and then gives her comments about the auditionee's performance. we've seen this lots of times in the American Idol or any talent-reality show, right? but wen it was the boys' turn to prove themselves, the judges listened carefully and didn't cut it off. the judges listened to the entire song! after the first piece (which was The Climb by Miley Cyrus) and some comments like "oh, i think you have a chance..." and "you're all good!", one of them asked, "do you have another song? because we wouldn't mine listening again..." and smiled. they sang again and this time it's "Listen" by Beyonce... the judges were all nodding and smiling. wutthe?...! was that it? i mean, is it equal to 'yes, you're in!'? my heart can't stop jumping and my tears were rolling! OMG! is this really happening?! i'm freaking out!!!

and yes, i have the reason to freak out because after so many turns, all of us were called again inside that small function room. it's time. we all stood (the boys shared seats) and waited for the big announcement and MAN! you can really feel the anxiety inside that room!

and to our surprise, the panel of judges looked our way and said, "before we make the announcement, may we call on the Franciscan Quartet to sing for us again." AAAAAAHCK!!! i tried hard not to panic but my palms were sweating and heart pumping hard again. (here's the illegal vid that i took when they sang for the third time)

obviously, they have won the slot. i saw how others have reacted to this -- some got disappointed, some unhappy and some shrugged their shoulders... aaaaw! i hate that part... but it's always like that. i mean, it's a competition. one wins and the others lose. it's normal. otherwise, there'd be no competition at all. we've been through those tough times too, but the boys gladly accepted it. only this time, it was them who won. i don't know what the judges saw in them, but it was clear that they were very impressed. i am happy, sooo happy!!! my son was one of them.
(with the other auditionees)

(the participants and the whole team)

(the winners...)

but not as happy. because that means i should get off my butt here and process our documents ASAP. it's alright. at least i'll get more stories to blog and share to you... :)

i pray that we'll be able to secure US Visa and raise funds for our plane tickets and other trip expenses and such. this part worries me... :(

anyway, this is getting long... i'll see you again soon and hope i'll have some more good news to post. wish us luck! ^_^

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Mariko Jessica said...

i love your shoes ate.. but theyre too high hehe ^^ killer talaga :)

Lilize said...

OMG OMG I'm sooooooooo happy for you guys!!!!!

do let me know when you're in Hollywood cause I wanna come see you for sure, if I'm around.

I live about 1 and a half hour away from Hollywood, but I might be moving back to Brazil in the middle of the year. But if i'm around, FOR SURE I'll go check them out LIVE, it'll be such an honor :D

and may I ask some videos of the boys, I'm having some ideas for you, I'll let you know later ;)


i_wander said...


grabe! ang sakit ng paa ko dyan! grabe! umuwi nga ako ng naka-paa! as in! ^_^

i_wander said...

@ lilize

wow! thank you! i would love to see you there! ^_^

you can always check my youtube channel for their vids. just look for pakbet002 and also buneng6... she's their voice coach. currently, we are still waiting for the WCOPA's endorsement letter for us to present to our prospective sponsors. you know, we'll be needing sponsors for that trip. i'm a little anxious that i might not be able to raise funds on my own... :( well, the whole event will be on July. i still have 6 months to make ends meet... :) i'm praying...

Riza said...

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog!

I watched the video, grabe naiyak ako as in!!! Their voice is pure, and buo, considering that this is a place with little acoustic, and they are singing live! Oh my gosh, they have talents talaga!!! Ganda ng harmony,buo. Tama lang na nanalo sila. My children's father is a musician and he also taught me how to sing, naging choir din ako dati and I would know, may kalibre ang group na to!

Riza said...

Sorry, I just can't help but watch the video over and over, and I'm touched, grabe!! Oh, your son have a fan in me na ha!!!

Riza said...

Why don't you try asking help from your local government? like the mayors?

i_wander said...

thanks, riza!!! i hope you can also try watching their other vids on youtube... until now, naiiyak pa din ako sa tuwa ba o kaba... i don't know what to expect kasi eh... i'm scared baka hindi kami ma-grant ng visa. everything will depend on that. about the sponsors naman, we are planning to seek the help of the local politicians talaga... kaso wala pang letter of endorsement from wcopa kaya hindi pa kami makakilos... :( sa ngayon, puro ipon ng konting barya pang-process ng passport at ibang papers like the application fee for the visa... haaaaay! :( pero syempre stay positive lang ako. ^_^

thank you for dropping by, ms. riza! it means soo much to me!

Wilmaryad O'Scallas said...

Very impressive audition! Their voices bland together so well. Wow! The 3rd guy to the left has such a soulful voice and, boy, can he belt! Congrats, congrats, congrats, youngins! :)

Something tells me you'll get the necessary funds to fly everybody to LA and back. I believe in you :)

P.S. Killer shoes, and I'm claiming my award. ;) Thank you so much again! XO

i_wander said...

oh! oh! and oh! i'm soo glad to see you here! ^_^

that boy with the soulful voice, will (or might) be representing PH for the junior solo category. but they haven't spilled it yet, i mean, whether he will be singing for solo or not. i heard that we'll have to pay for a certain amount to get him join the solo categ... but that's hardly a problem. i hope soo, really do! another thing that worries me is the interview for that visa thing... i'm starting save some for me and my son's papers and with fingers crossed! haha!

thanks for the visit, love! i'm feeling a little better now... and thanks for claiming the award! ~wink!~

i'm thinking hard if i'm gonna sell those killer shoes on ebay.. LOL!

luv yah!

Sandy said...

That's quite an honor. How cool you got to be a part of it all.


baili said...

Hello , Congratulations for the success of ur son and others ,best for luck for trip,I came from butterfly's blog ,I loved all about ur blog especially ur son's video it was great.have a blessed life

Wilmaryad O'Scallas said...

It's my pleasure to be here, my lovely lady :)

Yup, that champion does have a powerful voice. I hope he makes it!

Which one is your son?

Sending you a big wave of positive energy so that you get everything done!


P.S. Only sell the shoes if you plan on becoming a shoemaker in Paris or Milan ;)

i_wander said...

@ sandy & baili
thank you for visiting my blog! and thanks for the wishes... ^_^

i_wander said...

@ willmaryad

back to that old name, huh? ^_^ well, whatever, you're still lovely!!! btw, my son is the last little guy -- left side(?)... he sang the intro part. ^_^
aaaw, i'd be needing that positive energy to keep me going... thanks soo much. ^_^

TheCrunchyWife said...

How awesome!!!

I'm following you from MBC FFF, it would be awesome if you could stop by my blog when you get a chance :) www.thecrunchywife.blogspot.com

Jenny :)

Simply Stacie said...

Following you from FFF on the MBC!


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Nothing better than going back to the original self. ;)

When I first heard your son start singing, I seriously thought to myself "It sounds like the CD" for it was perfect! :)

Hey, maybe you should be the next Chanel for shoes? That way, you wouldn't need sponsors. ;)

Best of luck, lovely lady!

P.S. Your generous award is now displayed on my blog. Thank you!!!

i_wander said...

@ crunchywife & stavey
thank you for swinging by my blog! i'll hit you back asap! ^_^

i_wander said...

@ willmaryad

that's good news, amore! :)

thanks! my son would be glad to hear that! ^_^ Chanel? aaaw... how i wish i could... grrr! i can't even own one! LOL!

lots and lots of thanks for so many things! ~smooches!~

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Definitely tell him that uncle Wilmaryad is impressed by his correct singing :)

Coco Chanel never believed in fashion. She always preferred simplicity and elegance to expensive products.

Plus, remember thes two quotes said by Chanel herself ;)

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Smooches :)

i_wander said...

i sure will! :) and i'll take note of that quote! muah! ^_^