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Friday, January 1, 2010


it's 2010... how time flies... oh yeah! welcoming the year is quite overwhelming. i can't tell exactly how it feels and what this means to me but there's one thing am sure of... i am positive in many ways that i'll survive this year just like the previous ones...

2009 has been kind to me. i am blessed with many good and bad things. yes, bad things are blessings, too. you learn from it and then you don't do it again. so, it still counts.

aside from the shower of shoes from my ever generous mom, i got many 'things' like new friends, new hobbies, new yarns and needles, new enemies and a whole lot more. for all of these, i am grateful to every person around me and to my Creator... truly, it has made my past year more meaningful and memorable.

one of the wonderful things that also happened to me is this blog. yes, yes and yes! through this small space in the internet world, my voice is heard. my thought counts. and those made me feel special. i used to say that i am not used to getting special attention. i am always the "unknown" in real life. but now, it's different. no words can truly express how i really feel.

once and for all, i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! (it's sounds cheezy but i don't care... ^_^) i can't promise many good or better things here in my blog except for a bunch of photos and tons of rants and oh! oh yeah! a little giveaway... that sounds good, right? i think it's about time that i should give back a little to my fellow bloggers and readers. i'll post about it so you better watch out.

welcome 2010! and i hope we'll make wonderful memories together! and to all, let's keep it rolling! ^_^

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i admire your attitude in life. yes, everyone matters, each in his/her own way.
happy new year!!

i_wander said...

thank you, tickles! i seldom get that... you know.. ^_^